Monday, July 22, 2019

Testing out the RV

Hey have you been.  I have been great.  I am on vacation today doing laundry and stuff to get ready for my work week....this past weekend Jaime and I went to Bandera in his new RV to "Test it out" before we take it for a week long trip somewhere farther and for a longer period of time.

The river is down there....

I saw a doe watch me knit!

It even comes with a "Knitting Drawer" (this is what Jaime has named it).

Here we are leaving yesterday

I also got new chairs like the one I showed you last week.....two new chairs to take camping

While there I worked the Havana Kit that Rosanna gave me (because she is amazing).  She did the first 6 rows, but I finished the repeat with the last 8 rows!

I finished the body on George the Dog

and I started some fingerless mitts for Camille

My step son and his wife were also on vacation....they went to Florida.....I think their first vacay away from the kiddos

When I got home to my babies, it turns out that Jax got super bored....he unzipped a knitting bag and chewed up some of the yarn from Paige's a longhorn of my t-shirts (he did not chew it, I think he just wanted it near him)....and my cream sweater......while this was terrible to come home....I still love him to pieces.

I ended up throwing away about 35 grams.

Later that evening, Antonio was sharing popcorn with Jax.

while sharing pics of Jax....I have to share a pic of poor Chief in his cone (he has an infection on his paw that he cannot lick).

Some great news was that my cousin's daughter had a beautiful baby boy......7/17/19

Lastly, I got a great package from HiyaHiya....thank you Qianer!!

Y'all have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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