Monday, April 15, 2019

Crazy Test Knitting Preparation

Hey are you?  I am crazy.....but ya'll already knew that.  Last week Darlene spotted a test knit call on Instagram from Dragon Hoard Yarns.
So then I spent Sunday looking through my stash for yarn (the middle 2 colors are main color)

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  I think the winner will be the 2nd picture.
Other than that.....I finished the crochet blanket....pretty much the only thing I worked on this past week:

I started a new double the baby size crochet blanket for Darlene to make Kagan.  This is a new to us yarn called Amore and it is 100% feels great!  Darlene usually likes me to get them started.....this is a new pattern for Darlene so once the additional colors that she ordered come in, I will show her how to do it.  It is a nice and relaxing crochet!

Antonio had a soccer game this past Saturday and they did amazing!

And I did some cleaning (excuse the mess).....Bruno does not like the vacuum.....he was gonna keep us all safe from it!

Well, that is really all I have.  I do not think we get the test knit first round instructions till Friday so this week I will work on my Vortex and my daddy's vest.  Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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