Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ups and Downs.......

How has your week been?  Mine has been filled with Ups and Downs.....I visited Max several times during the week and  I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday that I really saw him take a turn for the better.....it was obvious to me that he was in less pain.....

However, my excitement was short lived....after having him home for 3 days I realized that this was no life for Max.  He still woke up in pain in the middle of the night and he had no control over his bladder and bowels.  I was ready to get a wheelchair, but a life in a diaper with no control and still in pain is not a good/healthy life....so I had to put him down.....I am a sick mess over it, but I know I tried my best and it was the right decision.......He is already missed so much and not only by me....Love you Max!

So....on to the knitting.....I finished a hat for Paige that I was certain was going to be too small, but she likes it.  I think I will order more of this yarn and make her the same hat but a bit looser.

I also started (and almost finished) another hat....this one is with DK and mohair held together....I am really liking the way it is turning out....I tried to finish last night, but I have about 14 more rows of decreases...I should have a finished hat to show you next week....the yarn is new too (I just got it)...it is Farmer's Daughter Yarn....and I am really enjoying it!

I also worked on the test cardigan....I am about to start some decreases for shaping:

I got my Biscotte DK Pure yarn for my 2nd vortex cardigan...this one is going to have a brioche ribbing border with 2 colors....I cannot wait to start!

Paige would love one of these for Jaz....anyone know where I can find the pattern?  or is if it is even knit or crochet?  Any help is appreciated

I broke down an used my new Christmas Mug from Darlene...I wanted to wait till Dec 1 to use with advent calendar, but oh well....I love the mug.....I have waited on using the tea though....just 18 more days and I am can use Dec 1 tea :)

Antonio made a tie dye shirt with Chris....he loves it!

Well, that is all I have.....have a great week and hug your babies!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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