Monday, May 28, 2018


How are you on all on this Memorial Day?  It is hot here is South Texas, but my ac is working and I am trying to put my feet up and knit a bit here and there between chores.

I have two FO's to show you this week.....Paige's Cowl (yes, it was finished last week, but I did not have pictures of it...a huge thank you to Darlene for blocking it for me)!

And my the Harry Potter socks (my first month yarn).

I have been working on Paige's hat now.....It is hard to photograph this is a dark and deep red.

I wound the yarn to start Paige's socks....but have not yet started....I am hoping to finish her hat first.

And I got my temperature blanket all caught up.....yes, it has gone over 90, so now there is RED in the blanket!

This week was a great mom had her 77th birthday and we all went out for sushi....Antonio had 2 adult size rolls.....this boy can eat!

Th next evening he had his Kenpo Belt test and moved up to the yellow/black belt!

Precious was lazy most of the weekend.....

and Paige found hers and mine favorite wine at a liquor store not too far from us....YUMMMMM!!

Well, that is all I have......Have a great week!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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