Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy MLK Day!!!!!!

Hi everyone....did you have a good week?  My week seemed to be SUPER long, but it is done....and now a new one.

I had off today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.....Antonio's daycare was closed, so we hung out (pics at the end).

As for knitting, I worked on my January socks.....I was at a car dealership for SEVEN hours on Tuesday.....I was ready to walk out at the end....but the good news is I got a ton of knitting done on my sock....see that blue line to the top....I did all those stripes (almost 18) while at the dealership:

Other than that.....I worked on the Southern Skies Shawl

and I worked on my Fade

Yup, that is all I worked was a crazy week.

Paige came over on Thursday....she got herself a new apple watch and wanted me to help her set it up.

I watched football on Saturday and Sunday when I could....but Antonio and I pretty much just watched movies and played legos this past weekend.

Today, Antonio and I got up and we baked cakes......he wanted to add all sorts of stuff to his....sprinkles, food coloring, eyes, etc.....

Today, we went to my mom's house.....she gave me a tea advent calendar, and a fancy tea pot.  My Aunt Susanne gave her the calendar, but I had mentioned how much I have really been getting into tea lately, and she gave me what she had not already's a really neat advent calendar and a super cute teapot (sitting by my knitted mug I got from Carol when she lived here)!

You know what.....what is all I have.....It feels like I have so little to show for a week that was SOOOO LONG!

I hope to have more to show this week...oh, and I should have a new car to show you next week!  Have a great week!!!.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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