Monday, January 9, 2017

BRRRRRR, Baby it is cold outside!

Hi have you been?  I have been COLD.  Okay, Okay, I know my cold is not the same as what you might think cold is...but we got down to the 20's (Fahrenheit) and the winchill was in the teens or colder.....and we just do not get that cold in San Antonio, so it was a big deal!

This meant a nice amount of snuggling with Antonio and also knitting time for me. <3

Okay, stash enhancements:

I got a new ball is the heavy duty one that will wind up to 500 grams of yarn (which is over a pound).  My old one was acting up and skipping while I was winding and it was frustrating.  This one is a little stiff....but I am hoping with more use, it will loosen up....I am happy with how it winds the yarn!  It will be great for those super big skeins!

I also got some post it can write on it,or peel it and restick it...I like it as a marker for keeping my place on charts if I am not using knit companion....I got it in multiple colors too:

Darlene has a shop update and I could not resist some of her new bags....look at these sheep!

And knitting hearts.....I am in LOVE!

I even already have something going for my sheep  bag....but it is a little bit of a long story.....I am not sure if I have told you already.......Darlene's daughter (Shyla) is getting married the 15th of April.  Darlene is making Shyla a gorgeous Wedding Peacock Shawl in black (Shyla's dress is black).  Shyla has one Maid of Honor, her 9 year old daughter (Peyton), and one Bridesmaid, her fiance's sister (Cheyenne).  Since the Wedding Peacock shawl is 164,680 stitches (You know that I would have the exact count), there is no way that Darlene can also make the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid each a I will.  I will give Peyton the Celestarium I finished in October, and I have started the Southern Skies (sister to Celestarium) for Cheyenne.  It is perfect because the Celestarium will be nice and big on Peyton, and I am making the Southern skies with thicker yarn and bigger needles to make it larger.

Here is the is only 58,181 stitches, so I have it much easier than Darlene, and Shyla. Cheyenne and Peyton are all beyond excited!!

I worked on the sleeves on Paige's sweater ( I do not have more pics )....I worked a little on my January Socks...they are coming along......

But the other thing I started was my Find Your Fade......I am loving knitting on this.....

First Color, Rusty Nail:

Added second color, Monarch:

Still Knitting Monarch:

it is super hard to see, but I added just 2 rows of third color, Film Noir, but did not really like it....

So, I tinked those 2 rows and switched my colors three and four and added the new official third color, can barley see the color melting going on.... but it is there.

Now, I bought some hedgehog fiber yarn for Darlene to do her Find Your Fade too, of course she is super busy with the Wedding Peacock shawl....but I told her, that when she is ready, I will probably do a 2nd Find Your Fade with her....I may do brighter/louder colors for my next one.

Here is Darlene's Fade....this is her (early) Birthday Present!  I have 2 pictures because I am not sure what order she will do......

Well, that is all I have....I hope you all have a fabulous week!   STAY WARM!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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