Monday, April 18, 2016

Viva Fiesta San Antonio!!!!!!!!!

It is the 125th year of Fiesta here in San Antonio!  This is a wonderful days filled with tons of events!  You can check it out here.

How have you been!  I hope you have had a fabulous week filled with everything your heart desired!

I am going to jump right into stash enhancements....remember I told you I was waiting on some yarn from Knit Picks for a blanket for Paige?  Well, it arrived....but I have started the blanket yet (shhhhhh, don't tell her...LOL)!

I got the final part of my prize from the Down Cellar Studios Podcast Pigskin Party winnings....stitch markers!  Thank you IsnknitCharming!  The stitch markers are very pretty!

Darlene asked Jeanette from the Bookish Stitcher Podcast to pick us up some Must Stash yarn while she was at the DFW Fiber Fest....and the did....Eeyore's Rainbow.....I love it!

My last stash enhancement are some needles....these are the new ChiaoGoo Sock interchangeable needles....I did not buy the whole set (You guys know I love to do two at a time socks but on separate needles) so I got two pairs of the 2.5 mm (size US 1.5) plus some of the small accessories to go with them:

Now, what do you think should happen if one acquires new sock yarn and new sock needles?  Yup, you guessed it....Cast on some new socks!

I do like these Dyakcraft Heavy Metal Sock Interchangeable needles will probably always be my favorites...but these are a nice, affordable alternative.

So, as for the a,ready know I started a pair of socks....and I continued to work on my April Socks....I am doing a new to me heel and I really like it...I have one heel done and one that I just started:

I also worked on my test knit...I need to get with it on this...I was hoping to finish by end of the month, but it is not looking good :(

The last thing I worked on is my 3 color cashmere shawl....these rows are crazy long (I think I am at 457 stitches for one row...and they are still increasing)...I am 1/2 way through the lace part...I kind of wanted to see if I could finish it this past weekend...but as you can see, that did not happen....I feel the 'need' to finish something!

That is pretty much all I have on the knitting front.....Antonio did come over this week and insisted on a selfie with Ga-Ma!

We also had a pretty bad hail storm...My area did not get it as bad as other areas...but I did get some golf balled sized hail:

That is all I have.....have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


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