Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy April!

April is here....can you believe it?  I have a couple of KAL's starting in April, so I will jump right into the knitting.......

Most of the week, I worked on this weekend is my CITADEL!  I FINISHED!  I know....I cannot believe it!

Here it is fresh off the needles:

Blocking (I had no clue how to block this really):

Finished with buttons....I tried to get a picture of this on me, but I was failing this is all I could do.  It is super cold in my office this morning, so I am wearing it (who would of thought I could wear a 100% wool sweater in April in Texas)....It is super comfy (and warm)!

And, I won a sweater's quantity of yarn!  I was the first one finished and won....There were only about 6 people (myself included) plus the owner of the yarn not a whole lot of people to beat...but it gave me motivation to keep knitting on this.

With my yarn winnings...I want to make one of these.....which one do you guys like best?

 © Melissa Schaschwary
 © Jonna Jolkin
© Jonna Jolkin

I also got yarn ready for some projects....

I told you about the Hypercrazy I am going to make again (Yes, we have established that I am crazy!)...I have more on this later...but here is my yarn and project bag all ready!

My April socks will be done in colorway Laduree Macaroons.

Then, the 2nd Qtr KAL for both the Bags By Awesomegrannie group and the San Antonio SNB group got started on April 1.  I am making Agleam with a skein of Yowza in Masquerade.

So, let me start with my Hypercrazy story....I got started...and got all the way through chart C....

But everyday that we would knit during lunch, I would comment how much I loved Darlene's Wolves Den Colorway I showed you last week:

and everyday, Darlene would offer to trade me.....well, one day she said "This is my final offer, I won't ask again!" I took her up on it..she took my Masquerade doe through chart C and I took her Wolves Den that she was done with chart B...there was a column missing, so I had to tink a little and re-do it, but it was not much...and then when I was knitting with it...I actually missed those gorgeous pops of green in the masquerade I was using....I tell ya, I guess I am never happy, I just want to knit ALL the yarn and ALL the things!  It does not really matter...Darlene and I share everything so whenever I want to wear the masquerade one, I know she will let me.

Now, since I am no longer knitting with the masquerade on the Hypercrazy, I decided to use my skein of Masquerade on my Agleam....and I am loving these colors!

And, I started my April Socks....the ACM's were on last night and I cast on right before they started and this is what I got done while they were on...I think I did pretty good!!!

Here is just a picture of them so you can see the wonderful spring colors!  I love these colors!!

Lastlyt, I won another set of Hiya Hiya needles with "Knitphomaniac" lasered on them.  Thank you so much to Qianer for your generosity!

Well, that is all I have....I leave you with some fun pictures that other people shared with me and I found worthy to reshare with you..and one picture of Antonio...he came over on Wednesday!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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