Monday, September 28, 2015


I bet you thought I meant babies.....but I mean FO's......that is right.  I have 4 FO's this week (of course, two of them I just started this week).

First, I am going to start with a couple of stash enhancements......I got my Camp Loopy yarn that I won.  It is Dream in Color Smooshy, and I am going to make Westside with it.  The colorway is called Hot Safari is the size of 1 1/2 regular skeins of this yarn.

Then, Darlene made me a Halloween sock set.  I LOVE this set (you all know how much I love orange!!!!).  I have my Halloween socks in it....I hope I get to work on those socks a little this week!  Thank you Darlene.....I LOVE THIS BAG SET!

Okay, now onto the knitting.....I started an "I <3 Dachshund" dishcloth and finished it.  This is for the Down Cellars Podcast Pigskin Party September Interception.  You get an extra 120 points if you make something associated with the number 12....well, this cloth has 4 seed stitch rows with 3 seed stitch side stitches....4x3=12 :)  I also used my Suburban Stitcher Bag since she is a headline sponsor for extra points.

Here it is finished!

Then, I started the #12 dishcloth...this cloth was designed for #12 David Stremme, but I made it for this DCS Podcast Interception.....

I also finished my Rainbow Ingot made with the handspun that Laurel Spun for is gorgeous!  I love it!

Lastly, I finished my "The Wall" socks.....I am using my new Dachshund Blockers......Yeah for finished socks!

Okay, that is all I have for FO's (Yes, I think 4 is enough....I cannot do that ever week...LOL)

I also worked on my Esjan.....a few of the girls I knit with at lunch are working on theirs and it made me crave wanting to work on, if the temps ever go down...this will be the perfect shawl to wrap up in....I wish you could feel this yarn.....It is awesome.....Malabrigo will forever be one of my favorites!

Oh, I have to tell you that Jaime and I went to see Bill Burr this past Friday!  Jaime really likes stand up comedy (I could take it or leave it).  When we were cruising Netflix a few months back, we saw a few Bill Burr events and watched them....Jaime really liked him, so when I saw that he was coming to town here in SA, I got us was a great show! 

Lastly, I saw this on  Facebook and it reminded me of....well, me!  Yes, Paige cannot stand it when I will give Antonio chocolate at any time of the day.....but that is what grandparents do.....right?

That is all I have....till next week....Happy Happy Knitting!

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