Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy October!

Can you believe it is already October?  I probably say that every month...but man, time does fly by sometimes!

I am going to start off with some Stash enhancements....look at these cute PJ bottoms....I love the little rectangular sheep!

I also bought some self striping yarn from Lilliput....Love these Halloween colors..the first one is called Trick or Treats and the second one is called Jack Russell - O'Lantern.

Then, my yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks came in....the first is Zombody driving the school bus, and the second is Halloween Moon!  I really want to do "The Officially Unofficial Desert Vista Dyeworks Monthly Sock Club" next I need to have 12 skeins of this yarn...these 2 put me to 6 skeins...I have 3 more on order which gets me to will still need 3 more some time within the next year.  :)

Then....being that Darlened LOVES knitting with black yarn (yes, this is sarcastic), we decided to make an Esjan in all that yarn came in...but I am not sure when we are casting on.

Oh, and I won some yarn from Expression Fiber good friend, Shawa..who is KNIT4BEER on ravelry and social media, tagged me in this instagram giveaway and I won!  So, this red and blue yarn should be on its way to me.

I am also expecting my VIOLET Northern Lights needles to come in today.....I am super excited about these......isn't this color just so FABULOUS!?!?!

Okay, now on to the knitting.....I think I have mentioned that I am doing a pair of socks a month with my friends Melissa and Tami...well, a few other people in Darlene's Bags By Awesomegrannie group wanted to we made an official thread here.....This month we are doing Hermoine's Everyday Socks...but you are not required to do a specific pattern each month....just knit with us :)

I also worked a bunch on my Esjan...I know it does not look much bigger, but trust me...there are a ton of stitches on that needle.

Then I needed to work on the Socks on a Plane socks for Loopy Academy:

That is all for the knitting...When Jaime and I went to Hot Rod night I met a girl that asked me about my knitting and I showed her a picture of the sweater I knit for Paige last year....Yeah, she asked me how much I would charge to make one.....Here is my favorite tin that just about sums up knitting for me :)

Well, that is it....I know, not too much....hopefully more this week (I think I say that every week).....Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!

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