Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello everyone!  I had a FABULOUS time at Stitches only regrets.....not getting enough pictures!  I will take you on my little journey....but first....I have a couple of stash enhancements that are not Stitches related.

I got some Rub a dub to make Antonio a hooded towel.

And, some awesome yarn from The Cozy Knitter called Haunted.....this yarn feels soooooooo good.  I love the is bouncy and squishy!  I am just in love! for Stitches fun.....first, we were off!  Driving was part one!

When we got to the hotel, I saw some ducks taking a nap.....I thought they were too cute not to share!

Then it was time to catch the bus!  Yes, we were excited!

Look at that line.....thankfully, Melissa had the 3rd spot in line for us to get into the sneak preview Market on Thursday night......Thanks Melissa!

Of course I had to go see my Ruby!  She was showing me some 'Big Easy' Bags......she also had to leave early because she was not feeling well....I hope you feel better Ruby!

There were Jumbo Yarn Bowls......

And here is day one haul.....pretty much all at Must Stash Yarns....Stacie custom dyed me a Penny color that I absolutely love (far right).....the left haul is Darlene's stuff, the right is mine.

We had dinner at a great Pizza place that had gluten free crust....I had a Gyro....but clearly Melissa enjoyed as we take our signature licking picture with her (Yes, we always have to get a picture of Melissa licking her plate!)!

The official PJ party was Friday night, but we did our own PJ party Thursday night in the lobby of the hotel!

Friday Morning, I had my Switching to Continental Knitting of the supplies was a roller type pen with specific instructions not to bring a regular ball point pen....I wondered what for.....well, it was to color on me to help learn to knit continental!

The class was FANTASTIC....Leslye Solomon is a great teacher....she also has a video that I happened to already own.  It is called "The Absolute Best Way to Learn How to Knit"...I pulled it out last night and I will be watching it for reference soon.  My only problem with immediately switching to Continental I have about eleventy billion things on the needles already....and I think going to continental is going to change my gauge a on the side, I am going to work on a couple of weigh it shawls....and just practice knitting....getting the great feel of the yarn in my left hand....and then watch the video for reference to purls when I am ready.....wish me luck!  I will let you know how it goes in further blog posts!  Anyway, here is my swatch from class!

Okay, back to Stitches....I got some of the cutest sock blockers with Dachshunds on them.....LOVE!

Here are some of the stitch markers I collected on the swap (this is not all of them).

I got a Front Range Bag.....just because it matches my Graces Cases needle holder....I am in love with the Lewe's balloon fabric collection!

Then, it was PJ Party, what happens at the PJ party, stays at the PJ party.....but I can share one small pics of my gals....from Left to Right.....Mickie, Melissa, Tami, and Kim.

Here is EVERYONE's Haul (so far) as of end of day Saturday.....

Then it was off to Tallywackers!

Our view when our waiter helped the booth next to us!

Yes, our waiter is the guy on the poster for Rainbow Pride!

Another view that Mickie got with her phone.....

Then we made our waiter pose with all of us!

On Sunday, we hung out for the grand prize drawings.....and of course had to get another one of Melissa's licking pictures....that I just had to get my crazy face into!

Then it was time to go sad.....but when I got home, I had some fancy sheep PJ's waiting for me.....they are WAY TOO BIG....but instead of sending them back, I think I will see if I can get them (just the pants) to be a bit smaller.

Some final pictures....Here is Darlene's Haul!

And my final haul....see all the stitch markers on the sock blockers...the stitch marker swap was fun!

Well, that pretty much wraps up Stitches for my knitting this was super minimal!  All I really worked on was my 'The Wall' socks.....

And I started socks with the new Cozy Knitter Yarn......Now, Melissa and I plan do to a pair of socks every month starting in October.....I think I am going to have to beg her to let me use these as my October socks since I barely have the toes started....heck, I do not even mind frogging them and maybe restarting them continental knitting.....

Yup.....that is it!  That is all I knitted on....pretty sad....but I had a GREAT time at Stitches and I am looking forward to DFW Fiber Fest in April next year!

Since I have picture overload above (approx 40 pics), I will not overload you with more at the end of the post like I normally do......

Happy Happy Knitting!  

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  1. When I see you next I will show the most simple purl stitch for continental knitters. Nothing difficult about it. The Yarn Harlot told me one time that I was twisting them if I was doing it that way. I said No Ma'am. When I saw that I made it right and it works and there are no special movements to make it happen. I will show you. Hugs and it was great seeing you this weekend. Better see you at DFW Fiber Fest soon.