Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Fiesta!

Hello Everyone!  How was your week?  Mine was great!  Here in San Antonio, TX we are in the middle of is a festive time with lots of parades and celebrations all around.  You can read about it here.  It is rare that I ever go to a fiesta event....but it is fun to see and hear about all the events on the news here.

So, on to the knitting.....I have a few stash enhancements......Jennifer from BugBear Woolens offered out a discount code to the HiyaHiya ravelry group (here) I had to snag this gorgeous orange!

Then, there is a new lady in my knitting group at work....she has really taken off in knitting, buying many supplies and stash.....and she wanted to Thank me and Darlene for all the help we have given her with her knitting.....she got me this Fiber Nymph Yarn and I am completely in LOVE with this color....this has to be one of the most perfect Burnt Orange Colors ever!  Thank you so much Marla!!!!

I also ordered some sock needle holders.  They are usually called DPN holders, but I use them for magic loop.....

That is it for Stash Enhancements.....but I think I got lots of knitting done this past week.  I have kept up with my Miss Babs Destination one to Sri Lanka, the pattern is called Ves.....

My friend got the scarf for her son....and he LOVED it....she posted that he was sleeping in it that night.........that just makes my heart soar!  Here he is:

I also worked on my secret project....I think as long as I do not tell you what it is (yet), I can show gradient yarn started to change exciting!

I also started and finished a dishcloth.....this is for my Lonestar State Knitters Group....we are doing what it called Texas Highway Dishrag Tag!  So, someone (or more than one) starts a the box is a hand knitted dishrag and 2 skeins of kitchen cotton yarn, along with some trinkets (tea, chocolate, knitting notions, etc)....they send it to person number 2.....person number 2 takes out all the contents.  They pick one skein of the kitchen cotton to knit a dishrag with, and one skein to keep for themselves.....then they put in the box the hand knitted dishrag (knitted out of one of the skeins that was sent to them in their box) and two new skeins of kitchen cotton and some trinkets to the next person....and so on and so on...and then the last person sends a box to the first person......I think this will be super fun.  I knitted my dishcloth and sent my box to the next I will be able to post pics next week of what I sent her!

Lastly, I finished one (just one) of my rainbow I have a HO!

That is all I have for this week......I am going out of town next weekend so I am not sure how much knitting I will get done.....but I hope it is a lot!

I leave you with:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!!

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  1. I love that Dr. Who scarf! I am happy that the recipient loves it. I know that makes it all worthwhile!