Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Whirlwind Week

WOW....I have had quite a week!  I hate to say it...but I have hardly knit a stitch in the last week.....It all started when Paige called Wednesday and said the daycare called and Antonio had a fever.  She asked if I could go pick him up.  I left work early to get him...he was okay....till the evening....his breathing became more and more labored and at 1 am off to the ER we went.....home at 4:30 am with prescriptions for inhaler, zyrtec, and nasonex.

I watched Antonio all day Thursday (Paige came in evening and spent the night...she missed the whole er visit because I did not call to wake her...no sense in both of us being up all night)....she worked Friday and I watched Antonio all Friday....she picked up Antonio late Friday night as I developed the sniffles and headache.  Saturday morning came with a very stuffy head, but I went to get Celeste, and we went out of town to visit my son Saturday and Sunday.  This is a long drive back and forth, so I came home late Sunday (still sick), dropped off Celeste at home and met Paige at my house for her to drop off Antonio again so I could watch him Monday.  Since it was Martin Luther King day, I had off work and daycare was closed and I watched Antonio all day yesterday.  During all this time, I did not knit a stitch......until yesterday....and yesterday I started some socks for Antonio.

When Paige brought Antonio on Sunday evening, she brought him in pajamas and slippers.  When we got up Monday, I realized that she had not packed socks or shoes....I found some shoes of his at my house, but no socks.  So, I started a pair and let him pick out the yarn.  I did not finish them (maybe today), but I was really going through knitting withdrawals and had to knit (yes, I had plenty of other things to knit on, but why not start something new?)

Here are Antonio's socks (they are a little big, but that boy is growing like a weed!)

Do you notice the new bag set?  Yup, I got a new bag set (yes, I am a bag ho!).....it is crosses and I love it! Darlene makes the most awesome bags!

The only other things I knitted in this week was the Piano Princess Shrug XII

And the A Day to Remember Shawl (I am not sure there is any change here from last week).

That is it in the knitting department....pretty lame for a self proclaimed 'knitphomaniac', but I did have a crazy week.  I hope to knit more this week!

My parents came by yesterday to bring me medicine and some home cooked soup from mom....they took Antonio for a couple of hours to a local park (that is when I got to knit on the socks).....my mother must really trust me because she left behind her perfect burnt orange brahmin purse (I love this purse....again, I know I am a bag/purse ho!)....

That is pretty much it for me....I did see some cute pictures on the internet/facebook I wanted to share....a wonderful knitting spot, and a game show question....did you know the answer?  Plus, a picture of Antonio Sleeping (that I think is just adorable) a couple of pictures of Antonio feeling better while at the park with my parents (yup, that is my mom pushing him in the swing).

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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