Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Monday!

Well, it is the 2nd Monday of the year and things have been crazy for about you?

I have lots to talk about to I better get with it!

I am going to start with some Stash Enhancements.....I have a few, but I have not bought any yarn (for myself) this year!  So I have kept to my yarn diet (Yes, I know it is only the 12th, but still!)

I have mentioned Darn Pretty Needles or DyakCraft needles to you in the past.....well, I got both sets of my Darn Pretties last week....and a set of the Northern Lights.  I love all these needles.  I already had the 5" hazelnut wood ones, but I sent them back tot he company to be changed from regular tip to lace tip....and I love these lace tips!  Then, I finally got in my 3.5" that I ordered in the Vermont Apple wood.....and, I also got my Northern Lights (metal).

5" Hazelnut

3.5" Vermont Apple

Case Color for the 3.5" needles.

Northern Lights 5"

And while on the topic of needles.....a friend of mine, Mickie, designed an interchangeable needle holder....well, I bribed her with yarn (the only skein of yarn I have purchased in 2015) to sew one for me (since I do not sew).  I put all my Hiya Hiya Needles in it and I LOVE it.  Thank you Mickie!

My next stash enhancement is a little is like a scientific test tube....I got 25 of these and the reason I got them was to hold darning needles to weave in ends.  You all know I have a LOT of project bags and I wanted to put a Chibi in each bag....but by golly, those suckers are expensive!  So, Darlene also wanted to put Chibi's in each of her project bags, but again, they are expensive.  Now each of us have several darning needles.....but nothing to hold them in within the notions Darlene is really the one that found these.....and they are awesome....just a tiny test tube to hold a single needle with a screw top lid.

Aren't they cute?  I think they will do the trick perfectly! onto the knitting!

Remember the shawl I started last weekend?  It is the Weigh It Shawl by Susan B Anderson and Darlene (Awesome Grannie) is having a KAL for this shawl in her ravelry group.....well, I finished it...and I LOVE was such an easy knit and I almost feel like casting on another one because it wears so well!

Yup, I am wearing it today!

I also worked on my Shawl for my Miss Babs Final Destination to Argentina...this shawl is called A Day To Remember, and it is by Joji Locatelli.  It is also a very easy pattern and I am loving it.  I am really glad that I joined the Miss Babs Knitting tour again next year!  I would never have bought this weight of yarn on my own....I am just not a lace weight person...but this is coming out really nice!  The knitting tour is helping me step out of my comfort zones, and realize that I am okay with that.  It is Miss Babs Isadora, which is considered a heavy lace.....but I really like it.

I also worked on my Shrug for the HiyaHiya KAL.  There is a facebook KAL that I am hostessing for a Shrug Pattern called Piano Princess Shrug XII.  If you want to join us....come on over here.  Here is my progress so far.

Speaking of Facebook, the next thing on my list is to ask you for a favor!  This is for any followers that are also on Facebook.  I have entered a contest to try to win a skein of Must Stash Yarn.  In order to win, I need to have the most if you are on facebook, and I have not already bothered you to do this, please go here and vote for my picture.  Right now I have 40 votes, but the lead has I need more votes.  Thank you!

Well, I think that is all I have for now....I leave you with a 1 month old picture of Mario Alonzo Ramirez III and a picture of Paige and Antonio....Antonio was going to bed one night and told Paige to send this picture to me because he loves me.....I love that kid!  (Yes, Paige is wearing the cardigan I knit her!)

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  1. The third time is a charm for posting a comment. I love the Dyak needles. Someone loaned me a pair to try out. I want some so bad. One of these days. I saw Must Stash yarn recently somewhere, I think Kid n Ewe. Hope I can see her again soon somewhere and get some yarn. I think I must have some.
    And I have to go now, I am supposed to start on a KAL for a shrug and I have not started yet.
    Always great to see pics of the kiddos.