Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Febreeze? Bleach? It's NOT the same!

Hello everyone....My week started off terribly....I was about to leave for work when I thought my room could use a little freshening grabbed the febreeze bottle from under the bathroom sink...sprayed laundry basket, the dogs bed pillow, all over my bed (partially sheets/partially duvet cover) when I realized that there was bleach in the febreeze bottle.....yup, it was nobody's fault but my own...I had put that bleach in that bottle MONTHS ago and wrote all over the front label to let me know it was bleach....but, I did not look at the label...the bottle was blue, I knew that meant it was a febreeze bottle and yikes!  The worst was my laundry basket....on top were two pairs of my favorite work pants....they were black and now sprayed with bits of white/red where the bleach hit it....I can live with the spots on my duvet cover and sheets....but my work pants....they were may favorite (I already looked, Macy's does not have them anymore).  Oh well.

Some good news is that I got lots of knitting done!  I finished the Hojas y Bayas shawl, and my Hiya Hiya Waves Scarf (I still need to block the scarf).....

Remember the whole Dr. Who scarf commission?  Well, I ordered a Dr Who Scarf kit from a LYS in Austin so I can make the scarf for my friend's son.  When I got the kit, I found out it was kind of a 1/2 makes a 12 foot scarf, but 1/2 the says this kit is an 'Austin Friendly' kit that is lighter for the weather and to cast on 32 stitches but if you want the full scarf, cast on 64 and buy two kits....I was a little upset with the yarn shop for not being more forthcoming about this little bit of information, but after a little discussion here and there, she will let me return the kit and no harm no foul...I will order the yarn elsewhere, it will just take a little longer to get to me.  No rush.....I am still working on the Miss Babs Knitting Tour scarf called Silver Fern, I have some socks on the needles for a Hiya Hiya KAL and my second installment of the Strickmich!Club should be here this week or next....  I wanted to share a picture of a Dr. Who Scarves so in case you are clueless like can see how big they are.....this is actually my friend dressed as Twi'lek from Star Wars standing with a friend of hers...he is wearing the dr who scarf....this is the 4th cosplay Dr. Who Scarf.....

My socks and Miss Babs Scarf are pretty much at the same place as last week so I do not have any more pictures of them.....But I won something!  This past weekend at SNB, it was also Inskein Yarn's 1 year anniversary celebration....I bought some raffle tickets and WON!  Look at this yarn awesomeness!  Thank you Inskein Yarns for the fabulous prize and congrats on one year!!!!

I also have a small stash enhancement....I am a member of the Barking Dogs Yarn club and I get 6 surprise skeins of sock yarn every is my April is called Butter and it is awesome!!!

One blurb I wanted to put in to tease all is I will have big news has to do with my best friend Darlene!

Well, that is about all I have....It has been a crazy week and I am sure I have forgotten something, but hopefully I remember by next week.  I leave you with my favorite 'sign'....for those of you who know who Jeff Foxworthy is, he did this comedian line with "Here's your sign!"....after my day of spraying my room wtih bleach...a friend of mine sent me this via is, I say to you:

Here's your sign! (in perfect Jeff Foxworthy tone)

Happy Happy Happy knitting everyone!


  1. I cannot understand you talking Jeff Foxworthy Redneck dialect. :) Sorry about the bleach. You will have to find some new favorite trousers for work - shame. Love the shawl - what yarn did you use?


    1. I used Knit Pick Chroma fingering in the watercolor colorway....I am very happy with it. I have 3 more skeins of this yarn in different colorways, I am thinking of making another shawl like this!

  2. Do I need to ask Darlene what is up with her? Like holding a dangling carrot in front of the horse. Not fair.