Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another with no end in sight....................

Yup, I have had many more crazy weeks and I think they continue for a few more weeks.  It has been two weeks since I wrote (so sorry Ruby...and thank you for being a dedicated reader) so I have lots to share!

My mini-vacation to Big Bend was Awesome.  We did not even go to the Chili Cook off (the whole reason we picked the first weekend in November).  It appears the cook off is more for the contestants and judges, and not really bystanders.  We would have paid $10-$20 per person to get in and then not even get a bowl of chili....crazy!  The weekend was not wasted....we rode on the motorcycles and enjoyed the scenery.  Here is a picture of "The Window" from the lodge in Big Bend National Park at sunset.

Here is a small red fox that greeted us on the way to dinner....I think he really wanted to see people leaving with a to go container, but the park had several signs that said not to feed wildlife!

While in Terlingua, Jaime saw a rug he really wanted.  It was $110.00.  I told him that maybe if I could get into weaving or borrow a loom I could make him one....what was I thinking?  Take away from my precious knitting time?  Who knows...maybe I will like it as much as knitting (I doubt it).....here is a picture of the rug:

Now....my Nuvem is.....drum roll please.....DONE!  I started binding off while in the hotel room...then I got some pictures of it 1/2 bound off on the drive home...the table the Nuvem is on looks terrible because it is at a rest stop at the Pecos River...then, I have a picture of the 9 grams left....and a picture of it blocking.  I did wear it to the wedding this past Saturday and I love this shawl....I am ready to cast on another one right away!

I should have had someone snap of pic of me and Jaime at the wedding, but I forgot....so sorry!

OK, so do you remember the Imperial  Sand color Paige picked out for the house we are moving into?  Well, against the pinky/orangish teracotta tile in the house, she said it make the walls look too pink.  So we had to get another color...she picked Brooklyn Brownstone (far left) and Posh Red...but we went with Sea Lion Brown and Posh Red...I was afraid the Brooklyn Brownstone would be too dark and I am glad we went with Sea Lion Brown because I think it is dark enough (at times, I think it is too dark, but I like it).

Then....after vacation, I had one crazy day at work (trying to catch up) and Jury Duty on Wednesday the 6th...and as luck would have it, yup....I got picked on a 6 person jury duty for a DWI charge (we, the jury, found the defendant not guilty)......it took Wednesday, Thursday and 1/2 the day Friday....it was a very interesting process for me.  It was also very educational.  Here in Texas, the Jury summons specifically states no "knitting/embroidery needles" but I put the cardigan I am knitting for Paige on some plastic Denise Interchangeable needles and I was able to knit a little on Wednesday when in the Central Jury room.  Once the trial started, I was not able to knit.  My BF Darlene also got me the COOLEST row counter that is a ring......I LOVE IT and it is orange....here is a picture of my knitting on Wednesday.

Now is about when I would wrap things up...but I have MORE to talk about.

This past weekend was a fiber festival kind of event called Kid N Ewe and Llamas too.....it is only about 30 min from San Antonio.  I went with Evelyn, Barbara, and Darlene.  I saw SHAMA from LSSK!  This woman is the greatest most inspirational person I have ever met....I love her so much!  I also ran into Stacie from the Must Stash Podcast (I was hoping to see Steph too, but I only saw Stacie).  Stacie had some of her hand dyed yarn...it was enough for her to walk around with, but not enough for a full update at her store...so I snagged an awesome skein of Candy Crush.

I got to see Alisha at the Alisha goes Round area and snagged some Thrace colorway yarn....I love this yarn!

In the first building there were these awesome baskets that are made by farmers in Ghana, Africa....I got this big beauty for $35 bucks....yup, $35...I could not believe it.  I have the yarn inside and outside the basket so you can see how big this basket is.

I had a great time at Kid N Ewe with Darlene, Evelyn and Barbara....I hope they had just as good of a time as I did (my feet were hurting when we were done).

Lastly.......I finished a pair of fingerless mitts I have been working on as a test knit.  Paige offered to model them while I took a picture, but Antonio thought "If my mom is going to model them, I am going to model them too!" and he did....and while I love my daughter to death....I must say that he is a much cuter fingerless mitt model!  What do you think?

OK, I am finally done!  I am sorry it has taken so long for me to post....it has been crazy for me and I think it is only going to get crazier as I get closer and closer to moving (hopefully in about 2 weeks).  Plus, with vacation and jury duty, I almost felt like I was not even me...I was so far out of my routine, it felt strange!

OK, I leave you with one of the buttons I got at Kid N Ewe....it is my favorite:

Happy Happy Happy knitting!


  1. Sure glad you got to get a blog posted this week. I was having withdrawals. I am gonna see how long it takes to hit my feed and fall into my email. Thanks for letting me know it was here.

    Here is what one person said to his kids.....This weekend, the daughters were debating over who was the favorite child. Paula and I assured them both that we loved them equally.......and they were running a solid second right behind the grandboy - Ben!!

    And I have to say this about all the grandkids. :)


    1. Ruby, I have to agree......the grand kids always come in first now!

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  3. YES!! You are gonna love the ring counter......I have two!

  4. Love all the photos and the write-up. I have enjoyed the view of the Window at Big Bend many times and never get tired of it.

    Shame on you for spending time with your Nuvem instead of looking over the bridge into the "mighty" Pecos River. LOL That sure is a long way down.

    In case you need my reassurance, Antonio is the cutest model of lovely fingerless mitts that I have ever seen.