Monday, September 23, 2013

Nemo is DONE

Happy Happy Monday everyone.  I feel like I have been knitting a lot, but I do not have much to show.  I finished my Scarf Swap Scarf....but I cannot show pictures that almost feels like I haven't finished.

I did finish that Nemo hat I started last weekend.  I am sure this hat is going to swallow Antonio (if he even lets me put it on him).  It is complete with a lucky fin!  If Antonio lets me put it on him, and if he lets me snap a picture, I will share with all of you.

This past weekend, I did the drawing for my SNB's KAL.  I won, I won, I won....I feel like I never win anything...even though through this blog, I have told you about some winnings...however, if you knew how many things I entered, you would agree that I rarely win.  The random number generator picked my number 7 (I am sure the number 7 is what was lucky, not me)...there were only 8 of us all together.

I picked the Wine Basket as my prize.

Oh.....and remember Camp Loopy?  Well, our bonus yarn came in.  Darlene, Barbara and I each picked a different color (there were 3 colors to choose from).  Mine is the pink on the left, Barbara's is the blue in the middle, and Darlene's is the green and purple on the right.....they are so pretty.  Today, we all cast on for this "Downtown Cowl" with our yarn.

I also knitted a bit on my LOG (Leaves of Grass) has been a while since I knit on this.

 My friend, Darlene, that I usually knit with every day was in Florida last it was just me and Barbara that knitted during lunch last week.  She got lots of knitting time in and I wished I was there with her.....I leave you with a the gorgeous view from her balcony where she had wine with her knitting in the evenings.....

Happy Happy Knitting...have a great week!!!

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