Monday, September 30, 2013

Moving News....

Happy Monday everyone!  It looks like I will be moving soon. I live in a house with my daughter and grandson, but I have another house that I rent out.  The lease agreement on my rental was going to be over on September 30th, but I told the guys they could stay there month to month, and just to give me a 30 day notice when ready....well, they were they will be moving out October 18th(ish) and I have decided that my daughter and I will move back into that house and the house we currently live in will go on the market to be sold.  I am excited, but there is lots and lots and lots and lots and lots (well, you get the picture) of work to be done.  The house we will move into is much smaller than the house we live in right now, so I am hoping to do a lot of de-crapifying before the move.

Now, as for knitting....remember that awesome yarn I won for Camp Loopy....well, we (the 3 of us that finished camp) decided to cast on last Monday for a cowl....I am 1/2 way done and LOVING IT!  I am doing this for the Must Stash KAL called Rhinebeck or BUST!

I have also been working on the NEW nuvem.  I have not frogged the other one (yet), but I plan on doing that soon.  I was hoping to get a little farther on this one....I am hoping that makes the ripping a little easier.  I also made myself a gram calendar for this nuvem.  I have a wedding to go to on November 9th, and I have this cute dress that is spaghetti straps.....and spaghetti straps in November = needs the perfect shawl/cover. So I have to get this nuvem done by November 9th!    So far I am almost on track for my grams...I am about 1 gram behind (Hey, I was tired last night)....ignore the white part...that is a lifeline from early on.

I also knit on Paige's sweater a bit....I really am hoping I can do my 7 grams per day, and Paige's sweater and Mari's wrap.....all before it gets too cold.

I got a new beach/knitting bag and Darlene got me a Sock Monkey Notions bag....I love them!!!!

I think that is it for now.....It seems like I did so much more, but I guess not.

I would love to go to lunch at a buffet like this:

Happy Happy Knitting and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!

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