Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Happy Tuesday!  I am a little bummed today.  The ladies that I usually knit with at lunch are both gone today.  So, I will run some errands during lunch today.....boo for errands.  Oh well.

Since Camp Project #3 does not start for 9 more days, I am trying to get 2 projects completed and 2 projects started......I need to finish the Harmonious Cable socks by July 31 for a KAL, then I want to finish the Deep Purple Crescent Shawl before August 31st.  As for starting projects....do you remember when I blogged about making a pattern for a friend and starting a cardigan for my daughter (the post is here)?  Well, those are the two things I want to get started.  For my daughter's cardigan, I have to re-write the pattern for me to be able to read better.  I just copy and paste the pattern into a word document and add some extra spaces in between sections to help me read it better.  This also forces me to read the pattern before I start. As far as starting the shawl/wrap for my friend, Marie, well, that is just garter stitch and easy to start......

Need to finish:

Just had to start:

I did get some bad news this past week.  A lady that used to come to my SNB but moved a little over a year ago told me that her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I am so sad for her and praying for her and her family.  She is about to move to Ohio to be with her daughter.  She asked if the SNB gals wanted to make any chemo caps, so we are going to do that over the next few months.  I did some research and do you know what color the ribbon is for Leukemia Awareness?  Yup, you guessed it....ORANGE!

My yarn for Camp Loopy Project 3 was delivered and I am in the campfire called Marshmallow Maverick.

Lastly.....tell my why you knit?  I love this cute picture:

Happy Happy Knitting and I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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