Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I am a bit tired today.  I went to bed late, but my grandson, Antonio, is also sick.  He has been having diarrhea and last night he vomited also.  So, not a good night sleep....I hope to make up for it tonight!

So......what is going on in the knitting area you ask?  Well.....drum roll please, I finished my Cabled Socks......Yeah!  I am so excited.

Since I still have a few days before Camp Loopy Project 3 starts, I worked a little on my deep purple shawl:

Then there was a little bit of, get your mind out of the gutters.....this is a different SEX:

I am hoping this will be my last Stash Enhancement for a while....I really need to start saving my pennies instead of spending them.  I got some Madeline Tosh sock yarn in Charcoal and Onyx.  Then there was this Malabrigo worsted that was calling my name, not only is it the perfect color....but it is the perfect name, "Rhodesian".  I LOVE Rhodesian Ridgebacks....they are gorgeous dogs and this yarn is just as gorgeous.

I am not sure if I have mentioned in the past, but I signed up for Barking Dogs Yarns Sock Yarn club, so I get a skein of specially dyed yarn every other month.  I just got August's yarn and it is called Swamp......These are not typically my colors, but I really like it:

Lastly.....I had my regular SNB this past weekend and one of the members had this awesome bag......I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  I said to myself, "I have to make this".....but it is crochet.  No worries....I do know how to crochet, I just prefer to knit.  Here is a pic of the awesome bag:

On Sunday afternoon I went to my stash to see what kind of yarn I had to start this (Hey, aren't you proud of me for going to my stash?).  She used all Sugar'n cream cotton, but I had some Sugar'n cream and some of Hobby Lobby's I Love this Cotton.  At first I started in her same striping sequence....Red, Orange, Pink, Turquoise, Yellow, Green, Purple.....but I was not feeling it.  I am very bad at matching colors....and I love her bag so I figured using the exact same color striping would work, but I guess my colors of the I Love this Cotton were off just enough to make it look weird.  So I restarted in Roy G Biv......this is how I learned to remember the color of a Rainbow.....Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.....Roy G Biv (Yes, I am weird).  Since Pink is not really a rainbow color, I put it next to red.  So my color striping is Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, and Purple.  Here is my crocheting so far (not bad for a knitter, huh?).

Well, that is all I have to far....I will see how much of the bag and the deep purple shawl I can get done before camp starts on Thursday.

I hope everyone had a great week.  Happy Happy knitting....and remember:


  1. That bag is going to be beautiful! Love the colors. The pink really makes it. And your socks are gorgeous!!

  2. Love the socks! Love the yarns! Love the bag!!