Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th Of July coming up

Happy Happy Hump Day.  Today is like Friday to me because I have a long 4 day weekend.  Tomorrow is the 4th (Happy Independence day USA) and I took Friday off.

I plan on doing lots of knitting!

I finished the Sock Monkey sweater for Antonio, I am not 100% sure if it fits yet, but I hope to try it on him tonight (maybe more pics in the future).

Now on to Camp Loopy!  Project 2 started Monday, July 1 and I cast on during lunch and got 6 or 7 'teeth' done...I was soooo excited!

But then I realized that my 3rd tooth was 'off'.  I kept knitting because I did not think it was that bad, but in the long run, I decided to tink back to the 3rd tooth and retry:

Then, I realized my stitch count was still off but could not find my error...I am a numbers person and I knew this would bother me and I ripped all the way back and have my 2 stitches cast on....I will try again at lunch today!

In other parents got a new dog!  Their last dog passed away on Christmas Eve last year and they did not think they would get another one.....but my sister found a great website for a no kill animal organization and gently pushed them to look and they found Bella!  She is perfect for them.  She is 15 months and is a little rambunctious (did I spell that right?) but she is perfect (that is a little sock monkey toy she has...I just love sock monkeys)!

I also had a great surprise this past weekend.  One of my knitting friends,  was in town from Austin.  We texted over the weekend and went out to an early dinner on Sunday!  It was a great dinner.  Paige had to work so I took Antonio with me.  Judy played "Peek-A-Boo" with him and he ran around the restaurant that, thankfully, was fairly empty.  Thank you Judy for a great dinner, taking pictures and playing with Antonio!  Here is a great picture that Judy took of me and Antonio and one  that we asked the waitress to take of the 3 of us.

There is a giveaway on Facebook for a free yarn tender...these are super cool (I have also seen them used to wrap wine bottles).  You can go to her website to see all about the Yarn Tenders, but before you send her an email with your shipping address, be sure to Like her Facebook Page and send her a screen shot that you did Like her facebook page.....I am anxiously awaiting mine!

Remember my friend, Jo, that made awesome hats, booties, and leg warmers for my two newest grand daughters?  Well her crafty-ness is awesome.  She makes these cool magnetic boards so you can put your patterns on them and a magnet over them so you can follow your pattern perfectly.  I asked her if she could make me a longhorn one and she went one step further....she made a longhorn one that is also motorcycle themed.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is sooooo awesome!!!!  Thank you Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it seems like my week was busier, but there is really not anything else to report.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July and a super duper weekend!  Here is a 4th of July Knitting Monster pic I found:

Happy Happy Knitting everyone!

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