Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Tuesday!  It has been a week and a day since my last post and man have I been busy knitting.

I told you guys I signed up for Tour de Sock?  BIG MISTAKE, HUGE!  (Imagine me saying this like Julia Roberts says to the lady in the store that works on commission after Julia Roberts goes on a huge shopping spree).  I did not really read everything that I was getting my self into....remember all my complaining last week?  Well I am sorry for that.  I did finish the socks and I LOVE them!  I am going to give them to one of my best friends, Darlene, but she does not know it yet.  I barely made the cut off, finishing the socks with about 12 hours to spare.

Now, I started the second sock...it calls for a contrast color and I went with dark grey, but you cannot see the contrast pattern very well.  I am not going to tink it.  I figure I barely have enough time to even finish the socks and with this pair of socks, I will only have one weekend to knit on them, not 2 weekends like the last pair of socks.  The first picture has all the colors I could have used for a contrast color.

Last week I also mentioned about a sock coming up in Tour de Sock that will have 500 beads and that I will use Bussi colorway in Wollmeise Lace....well, now I am trying to decide between the Bussi (red) and the Magnolie Dark (purple).  I think I might go with Purple...the picture does not do it much justice.  The supply list calls for two colors of beads...in the 3rd picture, there are extra colors of beads I have.

The 3rd sock for Tour de Sock calls for 3 colors.  I went to one of my LYS's and got some frolicking feet in a bright green and raspberry pink...then I ordered a dark grey from Handu (a Tour de Sock sponsor).....One I get the dark grey, I will take a picture of them all and post it.

There is also a sock in Tour de Sock that calls for a self striping yarn.  I ordered a gorgeous seagull pattern way from a lady in Australia, her name is Sarah Lambeth and here is her etsy page....she has some awesome things....check her out!!!

Well, that is it so far for my Tour de Sock news....Oh, and I got my Tour de Sock project bag :)

Now, on to WWKIP!  Yup....it was WWKIP last Saturday and the local SNB groups met at a local mall.....it was tons of fun for all of us.  There was Sara from InSkein Yarns with lots of samples of new yarn they have...and Stacie and Steph from the Must Stash Podcast.....if you have never listened to these girls, you have to.  Go here for their blog and podcast...their podcast is also on iTunes.

For WWKIP day there was some knitting, some eatting, some chatting, some petting of yarn and some people just inquiring as to what we were doing.

Lastly, Camp Loopy.....how can I leave Camp Loopy for last?  Well, it just keeps getting pushed to the back because of Tour de Sock.  However, I did find a little bit of time to work on them.  Maybe an inch or two:

I leave you with two pics for the week.....one picture that you would think is my house but it is not....but I thought it was cool....and the second is for the best basketball team in the Western Conference!  I want to say the best basketball team in the world, but I do not want to jinx anything so I will wait for the finals to be over.

Just keep knitting and Happy Happy Tuesday!!!

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