Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I got some bad news yesterday so today I am trying to shake it off and be cheerful.  I asked a friend if he had any words to help cheer me up.  (I am not trying to push religion on anyone, that is not what this blog is about, so please do not take offense!)  He sent me scripture from Psalm 118:24:

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

So.....there are my words to help me be positive and optimistic!!!

Now on to the good stuff.....KNITTING!  I had a crazy weekend so I did not get as much knitting done as I usually do.  I did have SNB this past weekend, but it was wild.  I had my grand daughter, Celeste, and another lady from SNB brought her grand daughter, Lexi.  Celeste and Lexi play well together and had a good time.  Antonio was also with me so I had more kid duty going on than knitting.

In addition, my stepson and daughter in law, Mario and Amanda, came over for dinner Saturday evening.  Amanda is expecting and is due May 4th.  Thankfully they also took some bulky baby things of Antonio's to use for their baby, soon to be Alexxis Maranda Ramirez.  Mario and Celeste had a great time playing with some blocks!

I worked a little on the reverse pinwheel blanket I am knitting for Alexxis and I was able to show it to Amanda.  She loves the colors.  I am glad because I was a little worried about the pink in this blanket.  When I ordered the yarn online, I thought it was more pink, but when I got it, it is really more mauve-ish.  But it is looking good:

I also got my April shipment of the Barking Dogs Sock Yarn Club.  It was originally called Celery, and they changed it to Rye....but I like Celery better....it is gorgeous!

The newest Michelle Hunter KAL started this past Thursday and it involves color work.  So this is a little slow going, but I think the shawlette is going to be beautiful when done!  It is called Ridgely.

I worked a little bit on Viajante early last week and I really need to get those needles clickin'!!  I am way behind if I want to finish in time for the two KALs I am in!  I am happy that I frogged the stockinette part and redid it...it is looking much better and I have a little over an inch done in the stockinette.

Now.....Last week I think I told you that I got the small interchangeable knitting needle set by ChiaoGoo.  Well, being that I have a serious addiction to yarn, bags, and needles....I bought the large set too.  I should have just bought the 'whole' set that comes as one but no.......I had to start to be reasonable and say to myself "You just need the small set" and then after purchasing the small set, all my reason flies out the window and I bought the second set:

Lastly.....I think the biggest news of the weekend is that a new yarn store opened very, very, very close to my house.  It is called Inskein Yarns.  They had their grand opening on Saturday and they had a knit together  (they call it "The Asylum") on Mondays.  I went to the grand opening just before SNB on Saturday and two skeins of yarn followed me home.  I knew everyone that was there except the owner, and that was a really great feeling!  I met the owner Shannon and she is super crafty...the store is great.  I went to "The Asylum" last night and I think I will be spending many more hours there....even if just to knit (and not spend money)!

Again, Happy Tuesday and Happy Knitting!

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