Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Happy has been too long since I have posted and I am sorry for that.  The time has gone so quickly I can hardly remember what has happened in the last 10 days!

There is a contest where you can win free yarn for life.....well, 20 years, but hey...who does not want free yarn?  You can enter here:

I have been knitting mainly on 4 things......even though I have about 30 things on the needles.  One of these 4 things is a new project.....Yes, I just could not help doing a cast on of something new.  It is a Sleep Sack o' Baby and it is designed by a good friend of mine, Danna (her blog is here), and I wanted to test knit it for her.  Her deadline was May, but she said she would be a bit easy on the deadline....which is a good think because I have a KAL due May 31 that will take everything in me to complete in time.

Here is the (barely) start of the sleep sack...I love my new ChiaoGoo needles, but the cord is not the best choice for Magic loop....but that is ok, I am making it work!

The Viajante is the KAL that is due May 31st.....I measured my skein of yarn this past Tuesday and I still had 257 grams....since this pattern is the kind of pattern that says "Knit till you have 20% of your yarn left, start this lace section, then bind off" I really do not have any way of seeing how far I am or how much I need to do except for weighing the yarn.  On Tuesday, there was 257 grams of yarn, and 46 days left (inlcuding Tuesday).....with doing the math, I figured I need to knit 5.6 grams per day in order to make May 31st deadline...there are approx 1740 yards per 300 grams on a Wollmeise Lace Skein, so that is 5.8 yards per gram and again with math that means I need to knit approx 32.48 yards per day.  I made myself a little calendar that says how many grams my ball should be at the end of each day:

Tuesday: 251.4g
Wednesday: 245.8g
Thursday: 240.2g
Friday: 234.6g
etc.....and so for (for 3 full days) I have been able to stay on track....wish me luck...I will need it.  Here is the ball and the viajante so far:

I did knit a little bit on the reverse pinwheel baby blanket (if you look close enough, you can see I am just starting my second stripe of green):

The 4th thing I have been working on is the KAL with Michelle Hunter. I was a bit behind on Clue 1....but I caught up all of clue 1, finished clue 2 (the black lace part in the middle) and now I am working on the decreases of clue 3......Here is my progress.  I have about 18 1/2 decreasing repeats left to go:

I will be out of town most of the weekend for a wedding, and spending the night at my sister's lake house (close to the wedding).  I have a brush collection on Monday, so I have yard work to do.....but I hope to get some knitting done while in the car on the way to and from the wedding (no, I am not driving).

Here is my cute picture for the is a small part of the definition of yarn.....Enjoy, Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!!

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