Monday, July 8, 2024

Hurricane Season

Hey everyone.....if you live in Texas, you know not only is it Hurricane season but that Beryl is headed for Texas.  This one has been pretty unpredictable.  The eye was originally expected to hit the top part of Mexico, just south of Brownsville....but that has slowly changed more and more North as the days went on.  Finally hitting as a category 1 around Matagorda, TX (South of Texas) this morning around 3:55 am.  

It was believed it would be close to category 3 (I think) as that is what I think it was when it went through the Caribbean and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.  Don't get me wrong.....I am glad it is not packing the punch everyone thought it would and it is terrible that it has claimed the lives of 10 people so far.....but my goodness, it is not even funny how wrong all the predictions were over and over again.....That is Mother Nature for you!

Okay...enough of that (I do not think SA will even get any rain from this one).....what have I been up to?  Not much......seriously, I need to do more!  LOL!

This beautiful girl has a dr appointment today (just a check up) and I cannot wait to see how much her stats changed.

My coworkers are again sleeping on the job

I made a mistake on my montly blanket.  After seaming 6 squares, I was to pick up stitches on one side and knit a pattern, then the same on the other side.  However, I did not realize the pattern I was supposed to knit was different for each side.....but I just went and did the same pattern on each side and then realized my error (the second pattern was on the back side of the card and I did not even look because I am a dork).  However, I kind of like the result.  So, June monthly blanket is done......waiting on July.

I got my June Shawl yarn....this is the last shipment for the shawl, so I hope to finish the shawl soon.

For my last item.....I should just insert Whitesnake's Here I Go Again song (I am old).  Let's just say that I cannot say no to Antonio......

I hope yall have a fabulous week....and lots of prayers to you if you are in the path of Beryl

Happy Happy Knitting

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