Tuesday, November 14, 2023

More Blanket Yarn

 Hey everyone......how are you?  I have been in a bit of a funk lately so I do not have much to share.

I did however buy more yarn for yet another baby blanket (seriously, how many blankets do I think this kid is going to need?).

I saw another blanket that I really like....it is in both a knit and crochet version.....they blanket patterns are from Purl Soho.  It is the four points blanket....here is the crochet version and here is the knit version:

This pic is from purl soho website:

Here is the yarn I bought

And I already had some linen quill....here are all 9 colors of linen quill I have....not sure which 4 will make it into the blanket.

It was my late husband's birthday last Friday.  He would have been 59 (wow)!  Happy Heavenly Birthday Mario!

Honestly, that is all I have.....I know, I should have more, but like I said, I have been in a funk.  I hope to get out of it soon.  Have a great week everyone!

Usually I am scrambling for "cute sayings" or "words of wisdom" or "knit related" content to add to the end of each blog post.....but this week, I have a plethora of them:

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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