Tuesday, September 5, 2023

My baby is 28!

 Hey everyone.....How have y'all been?

I have been doing okay.  I am still plugging away on the test knit....and recently 2 of the 'clues' were pretty intricate cables....so they were time consuming, but I cannot show the work yet.

I did however block the It Brings You Peace Shawl

I pulled out my garter monthly blanket...I am attaching August yarn to this blanket so I feel kinda caught up....buton the Quilty blanket (the other monthly blanket), I am still working on June....so I need to get my butt in gear on that one.

My Baby had her 28th birthday!  We went to Parry's Pizzeria and Taphouse.  It was me, Kody, Paige, Antonio, Sam, and Bizzle.....I only got pics of Paige, Kody and Tone....

Bizzle's Bday was 2 days later....so on Bizz's birthday, Paige, Bizz and Sam all went to the gym to workout because Bizz did not feel like going out.

Then, they next day...they all went on a hike

The next day, we all went to Sam's for dinner (Sam made a delicious chicken Alfredo).....the only pic I got was the sign that Sam's kids made for Bizz and Paige....I love this sign

I finally framed my "Just a girl" poster...and one of the diamond paintings that Paulette made me (welcome to the funny farm)....they are on my office/yarn room above my computer screen

I recently podcasted with Elizabeth and Melissa and afterwards we were texting about our possible new KAL.....the Plumpy Shawl KAL....I have wanted to make this for forever....so I ordered yarn for it.  You know how I am making the crochet shawl where I get yarn every month?  Well, I am loving the fade of it, so I took the last four colors and just ordered them in dk weight.

I just got the august color that is rose quartz for the shawl

Well, that is all I have.....I hope yall have a great week....here is Jackson trying to let all my AC out of the house.....no wonder my AC bill is so high.

Happy Happy Happy Knitting

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