Wednesday, August 9, 2023


  Hey everyone.....How have you been?  I hope well.....Well, I love dogs, so I have lotgs of dog related pics this week.

I know we have a while till Fall, but man is it hot in Texas lately! 

I podcasted with Elizabeth and Melissa lately and Elizabeth made me the cutest bags (link to her shop) with pictures of two of my dogs.  I LOVE THEM!  She is so talented!

They remind me of a pic I saw on Social Media that had me like "I need this in my life"....I want (and need) a huge pic of my dogs smiling in my house!

I have not done too much knitting/crocheting since last post....I am not really sure what is up with me....but I had Jury duty (one of their qualifications is to be of sound mind and good moral character...that is definately questionable with me, but I was not selected) and added a 2nd skein of yarn to this is looking good.

I also finished the short rows on Shyla's Mae sweater (I do not like short rows so I was kinda dreading doing them...but they are done now)

I got my August Monthly Shawl Yarn...I love this color, might have to get a full skein of it....or better yet, a sweater qty....YIKES!

I found someone to 3D print me a Sunfire 2.0 cone winder....and I got it.  I went to use it and unfortunately, the USPS busted it in transit.  However, the lady asked me to ship back (she refunded shipping) and she is re printing it....I did however get one great cone wound.

I also went to see My Love this past weekend....his birthday is coming up Thursday.  Happy Birthday Lupe!

Lastly, We all know how much I love dogs (unfortunately, I am pretty sure I love them more than people).....and since this post has lots of dogs in it....I leave you lots of lovely dog inspiring pics/memes

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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