Monday, July 1, 2019

Busted nails and water heater.......yuck!

What better way to start the week than on a complaint........I busted a ring finger nail that hurts like a bitch! (thanks for listening to me complain and whine!)

Then my thumbnail had a super small tear really far down....

so I cut it off myself so it would not rip...

and it appears Paige has had a water leak from her water heater for a very long time that she recently found....  

Here is the garage damage

The small cabinet with the water heater
 Old one
 New one

Now she just needs the insurance to come and fix the is already molding.

Antonio had his first basketball this boy!

And grandma bought him some new shoes.  He got some Kyrie 5 basketball shoes that will be shipped to him (His size was not in stock) and black since his uniform colors are red and black.
 And some all black Nike's he really liked for everyday wear

Then some ice cream with cookie dough (He's tying his new shoes in the background).

Then home.....he stayed the night with me Saturday night....and Jax was so happy.....Jax does not usually sleep in the bed with me unless Jaime is there or Antonio....well, Jax would not leave Antonio.

This is what I woke to on Sunday morning.

And since this is kinda supposed to be a knitting blog....I bet you wonder what I knitted on?  Only the Moondrip....and some crocheting on the rectangle granny blanket.....after I tore my nail, it kinda hurt to knit.

That is pretty much all I life is really boring!  I leave you with some dog pics:

Paige took Jaz and Jax to a dog Park:

Here is Paige's entryway.....Haze on the stairs....Chief and Princess in the Kennel (Don't worry, they came out of the kennel as soon as grandma took this picture)

And Haze (Bizz's dog):

Have a great week everyone!  I hope you have a fabulous 4th of July!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting

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