Monday, June 10, 2019

Not Summer Yet?

whhhhhewwwww.....Damn it is HOT......and it is not even Summer yet.  The first day of summer is officially in 11 days (June 21st)....but it is already hot.  Paige thinks her AC is broke, even her thermostat thinks it is ran for 5 hours yesterday and her house temperature increased 5.5 degrees....yikes.

She also had car issues last Friday......thankfully it was just the battery, even though I tried to jump it and it would not jump.  Auto Zone got it going.....

Jax made a huge mud hole in my yard after the rain

And just after I washed all the sheets and vacuumed a million times....this happened Saturday to wash again!

I did take Jax to go see my parent's dog, Bella, for a while...and Opa (my daddy), but Jax some toys

Here he is Sunday night playing with toy number one....yup, changed duvet cover and everything

I had Antonio and two of this friends all day Saturday.....they made a mess of the house and built a fort in every room

Antonio made a fortnite design he was very proud of

and I was exhausted....but I did get a little bit of knitting in.....I started and finished my June hat....well, all except the is a turban style hat so it just knit as one long strip and then seamed together

and I worked on my moondrip sweater......I am about 6" into the body.

Darlene's daughter, Shyla, made me the greatest yarn box.......

She is AMAZING.....she has other yarn boxes can ask for a custom request.....her word work is so fabulous!!!!

The following pictures of Copyright of TSCreationsTreasures

I worked a little more on Tim's ATM hat.....the duplicate stitch is tedious and I do not like to do too much at one time because I think I get I do just a little at a time to try to keep it neat.

July is the brioche hat....I want to make this hat called Teazle

The following picture is COPYRIGHT HUNTER HAMMERSEN, 2009-2017

and I think I will use the 2nd picture yarn......Come on July!

Well, that is all I have.....I hope you all have an amazing week.....and Happy Father's Day to all those Father's out there this coming Sunday...have a great weekend!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Shyla is one talented lady!!!
    Antonio is also very talented....Jax not so much. ��
    Second pic of yarns for July hat is a keeper.
    Have a good week! ��