Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi is the Monday before Thanksgiving....are you ready?  Are you cooking?  Is someone cooking for you?  Either way, I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Well, I have not really been up to much except my dad's ranger....I know you are tired of seeing it....I am a little tired of knitting on it...LOL!  The good news is, I fixed my mistake!

Here it is kinda hanging in the shape of a sweater.

I got my yarn from Carie The Creative Obsession...and I am IN LOVE!  it is the greatest yarn ever!   She even named the colorway Knitphomaniac :)

So now that both Darlene and I have fabulous yarn for our Portage.....we started them!  Yahoo!!

Here is Darlene's:

Oh, and when Paige saw my yarn and the Portage cardigan I am going to make, she of course wants one.....but she wants all grey and picked out a sport weight yarn I had in my stash....I am not sure if this weight yarn will work, but we will see....I may have to make a cardigan size bigger.

I also worked on Paige's socks a little for mindless knitting!  This is Must Stash Yarn in the Beetle Juice color way.

Well, that is really all I have this week.  Antonio tested for his Yellow Belt and got it!  And I got to see Celeste and Cat this past weekend, which is always a treat!  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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