Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year! Hello 2017!

Hello everyone!  I guess I may not be off to the greatest start of 2017 since I am posting this a day late.  I had Antonio all day yesterday and I kept trying to get this post done....but it was just not going to happen....we were busy doing other stuff!

So I am not really sure where to start.....maybe with stash enhancements.

I was watching the Yarn Hoarder podcast when she talked about felted slippers and these leather soles that she gets for her slippers.....so I had to get some....Paige saw them and she wants a pair of slippers....but she LOVES slippers...wears them every day!

I got another skein of Hedgehog Sock yarn...it is called Rusty Nail....I wanted it for my Find Your Fade Shawl I am going to make.

I had many, many, many choices and I kept moving the yarn around....but here is the winner (I hope to start it this week):

For knitting......well, I worked on Paige's sweater....and had to frog a little:

I also got her to try it on

Now, I need sleeves and blocking!

I started my January Socks.....

So, for my "Socks a Month" I am going to be dipping in a lot of places....of course The Third Annual DVD Monthly Sock Club, and the Bags By Awesomegrannie group, and in The Knotty Knit Wits Podcast......along with the kkw2017sockit, they are also doing a kkw2017stuffit....meaning to make one stuffed item/ornament a month and then you will have a bunch at the end of the year.....so I decided to make a heart from the "Gnome is where the  is" pattern.

I did not have any polyfill, so I used scraps from the blankets I recently made to stuff it....it worked great!

Lastly, I worked a little on my Briochevron....I really love this and want to finish it...here I was about to rip lip number 3

Well, that is all I have for the last week of the year!  Celeste, Antonio, and Cat all came over and spent the night Friday, and I had Antonio several days of the weekend.....so I leave you with some pictures of the grands, and some beautiful views from my desk at work in the morning (before the drop the shades and then I lose my beautiful view):

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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