Monday, July 18, 2016

Never Enough Knitting Time!

Hi everyone!  How has your week been?  Mine has been great....but there is never enough knitting time!  I actually feel like I have very, very, very little to show you this week....but, I will just straight to stash enhancements!

First, I got some DVD swag for posting stuff on Instagram for "The Second Annual DVD Monthly Sock Club".....5 mini skeins, yarn scissors, and a DVD canvas bag!

Then, I ordered some "Fringe Tape" yarn....this stuff is expensive (it is like $22 for 12 yards that is like $1.83 a yard!  WOW!).  It is for my Knit Swirl cardigan that I started in 2011.....more on that later.

Then, I got a non knitting related stash enhancement....a new belly ring.....I know what you are thinking...Why does an over weight middle aged woman have a belly piercing?  Because she got it when she was 32 and much thinner and I think it looks funny without a belly ring in it.  Anyway, my other curved belly ring was starting to bother me, so was just 'looking' and saw this circle kind and fell in love with has a little 4 leaf clover for luck!

That is it for stash what did I actually knit on this week?  Not much!  Last week I said that I wanted to work on my Scamper I pulled them out and realized that I had some trouble with my cast on, so I had to frog the cast on, and restarted one of them....I am enjoying the pattern!

I worked a little on my DVD socks....but I have to be honest, I am not digging working on these when the blue is always coming off on my hands....I just want to get them finished!

I also did a couple of stripes on Paige's big blanket but did not snap a is an old picture in case you forgot what it looks like.  I have about 10 stripes done....I will either be going to 15 or 17 stripes...I am not sure yet.

I pulled out my Knit Swirl project from, that is not a is from 5 years ago....I started this Knit Swirl before I started this blog!  I still love the pattern as much as I did before and really want to finish it.  Darlene is going to make one brown.  Anyway, this is the reason I wanted to buy the Fringe Tape Yarn above.  I just realized that I have not even put the Fringe Tape yarn up against the regular yarn...gosh, I hope it matches!  It was the only red they had.....Here is what the Knit Swirl Looks Like....

© sandramciver:
And here is my progress:

Lastly, I worked on my Spire.....I am really struggling through the lace portion of this...I am 5 rows behind on my personal little chart of how much I need to knit each day...each row is over 600 while I knit almost all weekend on this, it really does not seem like I knit that much (at least not to me)...the top pictures shows me trying to stretch out the lace while knitting in the truck coming back from the lease (Jaime and I went to the deer lease this was wonderfully peaceful)

This pictures shows it just laying without stretching....I have about  14 more rows in chart C and then I go to Chart D, the applied edging.  However, those 14 rows equal about 10,000 stitches.....Oh No!

Well, that is just about all I have as far as knitting this week.  I did get to see Antonio 2 nights this past week....I had not seen him for a while (and really missed him).  He had gone on a field trip to Clay Casa and got this tile made with his hand print on it....I think he may be the next Picasso....LOL....Paige let me have it (yeah!):

Have a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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  1. Mittens or Gstrings, what a choice those two have to make. he he.
    Always love reading your blog. I am midway to knitting camp in Wisconsin. That will be coming up this Thursday. I am so excited. Carry on, since I have bothered to interrupt you this Monday.