Monday, December 7, 2015

18 days left.....are you ready?

Hello everyone...there are only 18 days left till Christmas.....are you ready?


But I am trying......I am just going to jump into what I have been working on......

I started some socks for a Christmas present for my niece, Grace!  Now, I have had a lot of people ask me how I make I put up a new free pattern on my blog is not really a step by step pattern, but more of a is how I almost always do my plain vanilla socks...I hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I do.....Here are the socks for Grace.

I worked on my mitts (so close to being done!)

and I mostly worked on the fingerless mitts for Darlene's daughter, Shyla.....

Now, I still need to start Paige's boyfriend a pair of baggy socks...but I was waiting on the yarn....and it came in!  Louise from Biscotte Yarns always does such a lovely job of packaging the yarn!  This yarn is soooooooo soft, I highly recommend it!

I also got a couple more Hiya Hiya Swap packages

The first is from Stacie aka knittingchic on ravelry.....Her package was so wonderful....she made me stitch markers and a bag for me...thank you so much Stacie....I can see the extra time you put into the package to give it just the right touch....thank you!!!

The second was from Jennifer at BugBear Woolens....she picked out the perfect color (Hook em Horns!) for me and look at the darling sweater ornament and some lovely tea....thank you Jennifer!  I love your yarn so much!

I also got Destination 4 of the Miss Babs Knitting is Sydney Australia....800 yards of Katahdin in the Sydney Colorway, with beads, and a fleegle package!

I got my newest set of Northern Light needles from Dyakcraft...these were the Silver Northern light Needles, that they had dipped in nickel and polished like Nickel can see at the bottom that the line from the screw in tip is gone...these are going to be awesome to knit with!

I also got my secret santa package.....JoAn in Austin was my secret sister and she got me all kinds of goodies....A burlap Longhorn bag, Caron Simply soft yarn in a burnt orange colorway, two knitting called Wire Knits and one called 60 Quick Knits, there is some Ghiradelli Chocolate, finishing needles, some split lock stitch markers and some Bernat Boa Yarn in beautiful Pink.  Thank you JoAn!

Last on my stash enhancement list......I am sure you all know that I knit at work during lunch every work day...there is a group of about 6 of  us....and we had a new one join us last week....her name is Amy....she did some practicing and then was ready to Darlene and I started her on a weigh it shawl...Darlene brought in some Miss Babs Yowza for her to pick from and so did I....she liked my Mad Hatter colorway so she took that..but I loved Darlene's Deep Sea we kind of did a swap....I no longer have the Mad Hatter, but I have this beauty!

Oh, and here is the start to Amy's shawl....she picked it up super quick (even if she was too hard on herself).

Well....that is really all I have.  I have lots of knitting to do this week so hopefully I have more pictures to show you next week....I leave you with a Genius Minion request to Santa! I am so in love with Self Striping socks...that I never thought of a Self Cleaning House!!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!!!

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