Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Allergies Go Away

I am afraid to say I am late again at posting my newest blog sorry!  Antonio has been sick and I really think it is the allergies.  It is not cedar fever, but it must be oak fever because that is what has been really high lately.  Even I have been suffering a bit with watery eyes and itchy nose.  So Antonio and I stayed home Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Yesterday we went to HEB to get some medicine for him...some homeopathic cough medicine and can you believe that Allegra makes a "Children's" formula...and it covers children only 2 years old.

He is doing better today and is with his other Grandma today (because I had to get to work).  I did have some good knitting time when he was not clinging to me to be cuddled.

I started a new shawl....I am on row 10...on row 9 is a stitch called a nupp...I think it is from estonian knitting...let me just say it is not natural...because on row 10, you have to, that is not a typo....purl SEVEN is very hard and makes me want to scream....I will be happy when I am past that part....but I know this shawl will be worth is a gorgeous shawl and I am really loving the colors of this knit picks yarn.

I worked quite a bit on my waves scarf...I just started skein 3 of 4 so I am 1/2 way done.

This past Friday Jaime went out of town on a long motorcycle ride so I was home and knitted only on my socks....I got quite a bit done (at least I think I did).....almost done with gusset on first sock.

Then, there is the Miss Babs scarf....I am on the 3rd color of 7 according to my handy dandy chart I made myself, I am 33.93% done...yippee!!

Last August I blogged about a yarn bowl I got myself.....well, I love it!  And recently the maker of that yarn bowl asked me how I liked it...I realized I did not use it very often because I am afraid to break I decided I did not want to be afraid anymore...and I want to use it (what good is it if I do not use it very often)....So I have plans to use it much more often...doesn't my yarn look awesome in it?

What I did not mention is....back in September or October of last year I asked this same lady to make some coffee mugs I saw on a show called "Mountain Men"....the mugs were for Jaime....he loves I want share a picture of the mugs and also point you to Karan's etsy shop...she sells pots and glass and is welcome to take special orders.

I loved these mugs so much...Karan had a second set that she saved for backup that I ended up buying....They will not spill coffee!!!  

I was also contacted about doing some commission is a good fried of mine from Facebook...I have not seen her in about 10 years or so, but I would love to knit this item for is actually for her 12 year old son....he wants a dr who scarf.  She sent me this link and I am going to see if I can get all the yarn and knit this up for him....I told her that it would take a while so not to be in a know how I am with my ba-jillion projects at one time.....I actually did a little bit of yarn organizing in my room....I have 2 bins full of wollmeise yarn....I knew I had a lot but I did not know I had that much...I really need to go on a yarn diet (she says after saying she is going to buy yarn for her friend's son's scarf).

Anyway....sorry I was late...but I leave you with a cute picture of Antonio playing with my stitch markers.....

Happy Happy Knitting everyone!


  1. There are comparable colors in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and also some Lorna's Laces yarn at The Loopy Ewe for the Dr Who Scarf. Good luck with a 19 foot scarf.

    Hope Antonio is feeling better.

    1. Hi Ruby....I about died when I saw your comment. I had no clue the Dr. Who Scarves were that long! The one I need to make will be 12 feet long (it is a lot, but a lot better than 19!).

  2. SEVEN?????????? You know, maybe using a crochet hook for that P7-tog might be easier; not sure. Love the beautiful colors of this shawl too. I really like those orange lace socks, and as usual, Antonio is face-cheek-pinching cute! I love my teal yarn bowl too. I have a matching twin yarn bowl for smaller balls like for fair isle with (2) colors. I bought them for myself as a birthday present either last year or year before; can't!

    1. Mary, I did end up having to use a crochet hook to do the p7tog. The designer also has a video on her website that can show you a way to do the nupp on the knit was much easier, but I did not know that at the time I started the nupp row......

  3. What pattern is the nupp shawl? Should be pretty!

    1. Mary is called Hojas y Bayas......the designer is a friend of mine. Here is a link to the pattern:

      If you go to her website, she has some videos on making the nupps easier...I just did not look at them in time....