Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome 2014!!!

It is so hard to believe that it is already 2014!!

Here is the Greatest Happy New Year Party Picture (Yes, I am biased!)

Now....I told you last week that I was making goals....and I felt like I was taking names and kicking butt!  Then.....I had the annual SNB Christmas was a blast!  The girls were talking about this new shawl they were starting the 1st of January....and how could I help myself? I mean, it is not really my is their now I have another new project on the needles.  Here are some pictures of some of 'the girls' (not all) from the Christmas Party...the last picture is my best friend Darlene (in the green shirt) and next to her (with precious on her lap) is Barbara.....two of the gals I knit at lunch with.B

The shawl is called is gorgeous. I read that it is great for a varigated yarn....and what do I happen to have in my stash?  Why a beautiful skein of Miss Babs Katahdin in Biker Chick colorway that I wound right up to start on the 1st.  We went ahead and made this the KAL for the first Qtr of 2014.

This colorway that I chose for the Hypernova shawl looks so awesome knitted up that I had someone contact me on ravelry saying:

"Love it....Send me your yarn immediately!   (grin)."

It was a super nice note and it made my day!

I am ahead of schedule with my gram count on my Suzi Shawl (I am already into tomorrows gram count):

And what happened to Paige's cardigan?  Well, I will tell you...

1st, I seamed the first sleeve in the wrong way with the wrong side of the cardigan matched up to the right side of the sleeve.

2nd, when trying to un-seam this sleeve, I cut part of the knitting...I hate myself!

3rd, I attached the sleeve the correct way and it is WAY TOO SMALL, and also looks a bit weird (Yes, I made a swatch...I apparently just suck at it).

4th....I ripped back the sleeves tot he 2nd increase and now have to decide how I am going to proceed so they fit (and also how I am going to hide the small area where I cut my knitting and did the best I could at putting it all back in place).

Yup....lots of drama in my knitting world with this cardigan for Paige...but I will finish it come he!! or high water!

At the SNB Christmas party, I got a gift from a great friend who recently moved to Virginia (I miss her so much)....I thought it was too cute not to share....Thank you Sara!

And another picture too cute not to share is Antonio making his own lego building (he is pretty proud of himself)....

And lastly.....I leave you with what apparently is the way my New Years Resolution is going so far....I said I was going to do better and not starting too many things and finishing what I started....apparently that was out the window before 2014 got here.....I stole this from a friend on the LSSK group.  I just thought is said "Carrie" all over it!

Happy Happy Knitting!!  Welcome 2014!

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  1. It does say Carrie all over it. But then I see many of our names all over it as well. Antonio is a cute little bug in all his pictures. Glad you have a great time with your SNB.

    Happy New Year