Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WOW What a week!

I have been pretty crazy busy.  It feels like 3 weeks have gone by, but I think it has only been one week and one day since my last post.  Can you believe it is already October?!?  I have been plugging away at my Nuvem trying to get my 7 grams a day done so it will be done by November 9th.  I am almost as far as my first nuvem that I still need to frog.....These are not the greatest pictures, but I love this increase 100% better than the first nuvem I started (and still need to frog).

I have a few stash enhancements...Lollipop yarn (in 2 colorways with one more on the way), One of the lollipop yarns was bought with an awesome project bag with cute owls....puts me in the mood for Halloween!  The first colorway is called H"owl"oween and the second one is called Witchy Woman. I also got some Miss Babbs.  She has a new Katahdin which is 1750 yards per skein.....I got it in biker chick colorway (My favorite colorway of all time) and 2 small skeins of roasted pumpkin.  It was also time for me to get my Barking Dogs Yarn Club Yarn for the month of October.  The color is Denim....it is a perfect blue!

I also ordered myself some of what I think is super cute stationary.  I got it from Vista Print....they gave me a couple of savings websites I can share.  www.vistaprint.com/notepad25 and www.vistaprint.com/sticky on each of these sites, you can save 25% off everything on their site.  Here is what I picked...it is not exactly knitted stitches, but it looked kind of like knitted stitches...oh, and it is orange!!!! I got 2 kinds of notecards, and two different notepads, and a set of sticky notes.  I love them!  I will be using one of my new note cards to send to my scarf swap recipient.....

Now, there is a lady here in my city that read a blog about an owner of a yarn store doing projects from book called "Knitting Masterclass: With Over 20 Technical Workshops and 15 Beautiful Pattern".  She posted out on a forum that she was interested in becoming a better knitter and wanted to know if anyone wanted to join her.  I told her I did and she started a group in Ravelry and I am an administrator and moderator there.....I am really enjoying all the chit chatting over the book.  The first project in the book is a cardigan (Sedgemoor Cardigan) and I did a swatch for that cardigan.  I am not sure if I am going to use this yarn or not...but I was proud of myself for doing a swatch.

I did a few rows on the Cowl I want to finish for the Must Stash Podcast KAL

Lastly, do you remember a KAL I did with a HiyaHiya Pattern?  I did some green socks and the pattern was called the Harmonious Cable (or something like that)?  Well, at that time, I volunteered to be a host/hostess for one of their future KAL's.....and I was chosen to do so.  I am hostessing the Great Wall Socks IV KAL in this forum.  Here is a link to the pattern....anyone who wants to join, can join the group and the KAL!!!  I am not sure what yarn I am going to use for mine....I hope to cast on tonight!!!!

On lady in the KAL said that as soon as she finished her chores, she would cast on.....well, I want to remind some of you out there of two very important things:


Happy Happy Happy knitting....Have a great week!!!!!

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