Monday, April 8, 2024

It is Eclipse Day!!!

 Hey everyone!!  How have you been?  I know I am a week late and I am really sorry!  Today is Eclipse day and it is a pretty big deal (Like 700,000 ppl are flying to SA to see it).  I am in the area called "Leon Valley" (I am not technically in Leon Valley, but I am like 1-2 miles from it.).

I also got a new couch!  I have not had a couch in YEARS!  So I was a bit busy putting it together (it came in 7 boxes via Fedex).....excuse the mess, I still have the boxes everywhere and a bunch of stuff moved around to make, a disaster.  Plus, I need for Paige to come get some of my recliner chairs she wants for her house so I have more room.

I think that Flower thinks it is her own, personal, very large dog bed...LOL!

I got yarn for my Shawl Kit....this is March Color

Plus, I pulled the shawl out to work on:

I also got my monthly blanket kit all caught up

And.....finished a baby blanket for a boy....I do not know anyone having a boy right now, so it will just go in the "for the future" pile.

My baby girl got a new ultrasound today....and her baby girl is growing well!

That is all I have....I hope yall have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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