Tuesday, June 13, 2023

No....I'm pretty sure it is not broken!

 Hey everyone.....I was wrong.  Antonio was hanging out with Grandma last Friday and he fell while skateboarding/carpet boarding.  He swore his ankle/foot was broken.  I told him I was pretty sure it was not broken......and he as not happy with me, but look, its not even swollen....

So we iced it all weekend

But come Monday, he still could not put pressure on it or walk on it, so Paige took him to ER

Yup.....Its Broken and it was displaced....it had to be reset

They spent all day at the hospital and finally were sprung free after 5 pm

He is getting used to crutches, but needs a lot of help.  Needless to say, grandma feel terrible....but the hospital staff did say that Antonio's swelling was very minimal.

I did my nails with a new it I got on amazon

And I pretty much only worked on the crochet shawl all week....but I got all caught up.  Now waiting on June yarn (end of month).

Besides pics of my cutie pies...that is all I have....Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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