Monday, June 5, 2023

It's already June??

  Hey everyone....can you believe it is already June?

I feel like I am kinda slacking in my knitting and crocheting lately....because as I post these blog posts, I fell like I don't have much......but here we go.

I got some new yarn....last week I got 4 skeins of DK weight yarn with nylon in it, and this week I got another.  My friend, Elizabeth, has been pointing out all the DK weight yarn with nylon (so all this purchasing his her fault)...and this one was no different.

Last week I posted my Monthly Shawl Yarn and it made me realize I had not been posting here is the line up so far.

I have really struggled adding the new color to this shawl as the crochet pattern is not anything like I have done before (two rs rows, two ws rows....almost like brioche in knitting) I finally made myself sit down and figure it took me HOURS....I am not exhaggerating....HOURS with trying to go back and then forward and then back and messaging a lady on FB with the Jimmy Beans Club Group.....and I think I have finally fudged it enough to where it looks decent.

I worked on the monthly blankets and I am almost finished with March...but the important part is that I have started April on both!!

Antonio Graduated from 5th to 6th Grade.....and I got him (and me) each a Crumble cookie.  Mine has the bite taken out...LOL!

That is all I have.....have a great week yall!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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