Monday, April 17, 2023

Running on fumes!

 Hi are you?  I have been better.  I know I am 2 weeks out from my last post and I am sorry.  Not only is my dad still in the hospital (yes we are entering week 3), but my mother is now in the hospital as well and I am just running on fumes.

Here is my daddy getting better (slowly)

I had a busted pipe in the yard last week and my iMac broke and is in the shop being fixed so I am having to post this update from my ipad which is super duper hard!

First, my plumbing problems:

Then, Darlene needed help finding her place on a Myra hat she was making I just finished the hat....please note, Darlene knit most of this hat, I merely finished it (but it is in black yarn...and you know what they say about that):

Oh, and Darlene and I are starting a new Myra hat today....Yeah!

Antonio was here this past weekend and he wanted (and I quote), "Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries drizzled with chocolate....boy did I deliver....twice!  LOL!

I was able to finish socks while in hospital:

My Primavera blanket only needs the border....hopefully the border will be done in a day or two and i can check this off as finished.

That is really all I have....have a great week!

This is me.....but with 3 dogs ;)

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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