Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Happy 10 Year Blogiversary!

 Hey everyone.....can you believe I have been at this for TEN YEARS!  Not always consistent, but hey...10 years!  Happy Blogiversary!  Thanks for following me and reading (and seeing pictures) about my crazy life!!!

I have lots of pics to share.....my friend from Canada, Paulette, came to see me and I had the lakehouse retreat at that same time so she could see all our knitting friends.  Here is picture overload:

I usually get my toes (and sometimes nails) done before the lakehouse retreat...but this year I was so busy I didn't...so it did it afterwards....LOL!  Plus Jennifer's nails were so on point, I was a little jealous!

My sister gave me a humming bird feeder a while back and I FINALLY got a hummingbird to drink from it!

I ordered some yarn in September LAST YEAR and it finally made it.  I had already filed a claim with etsy and got my money refunded, but I was pleasantly surprised when the package still showed up.  The colorway is back to school and I got 2 in fingering and 1 in dk weight.  This colorway reminds me of the San Francisco 49ers

I also got some yarn for this year's Advent Stole Test Knit!  Look at this color....Darlene is going to love it!

I am almost done with Trenton's Blanket and have started two blankets for Nina and Shannon's soon to be baby arriving in December this year!

So after I went to the lakehouse, it was Paige's turn....so she, Kody (he only stayed 2 days), Antonio, Texas (Paige's Great Dane), Bizzle, Haze and Nova (Bizz's great Dane's), Sam, Callan, Chloe, and Erikson (Sam's kids) all went to the lakehouse....who is missing from this list you ask?  Why Jazz (Paige's Pit Mastiff mix) and Jade (Sam's Pit puppy)......where are they you ask?  Why they are at grandmas!  Jax loves having Jazz here.....but Jade?  Not so much.....

Here are the girls at the lakehouse:

That is all I have....thanks for an amazing 10 years.....and here's to hoping for another 10 more!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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