Wednesday, September 8, 2021

National Dog Day and New Floors!!

 Hey are y'all doing?  It seems that the last time I posted it was also National Dog Happy National Dog day to my babies!

I also got my dogs new beds.......that I am not sure if they realize the beds are for them......

But thankfully......they finally figured it out:

Paige had a birthday......she is 26 now.  Bizzle also has a birthday 2 days after Paige and Ped (our trainer) has a birthday the day before here are some of my favorite virgos....from left to right is Sam, Paige, Ped, Bizzle

Kody took us all to dinner on Paige's actual birthday:

And Bizzle got Paige a new dog (Chief died in July....and I think Paige was really struggling), his name is Texas and he is 9 months old.

This past weekend Paige went out of town so I babysat all the dogs......however, Jackson was not a fan of Texas and they got into it on Saturday morning, so Paige's friend, Sam, took Texas.....and he had fun over he is at my house:

and here is he with Sam and her kids.

Darlene and I started Dotted Rays together.....

and I am of course working on the test knit

Then, I decided that now is the time to redo ALL the floors in my house......I bought 70 cases of flooring and had to make 3 trips and unload them all myself (they are like 30 lb a case).

This is the color Paige picked for me:

and yesterday started the demo.....I have moved everything from 1/2 of my house to the other 1/2 of my house....and the dogs and I are living all day in my tiny bedroom (with a ton of crap in it) and there are people tearing up the tile and grinding and all sorts of stuff.....then, they will install floors (probably not till Friday) and then I will have the weekend to move all my crap to the finished side of the house, and they come back and tear up the rest of the house.....all I can say is....what was I thinking?

That is all I have....have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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