Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hat Trick On Sweaters....Is that a Thing?

So it appears that I have not been all that great at keeping my blog up to date....I am sorry for that....I will do better.  I just have not had a lot of knitting lately.  I did have that great week of lots of dishcloths and I finished Shyla's sweater and I think the might have lit a little bit of a fire under by butt!

I finished Shyla's Sweater right before Mother's Day.....then I finished mine last Wednesday

Then I started Peyton's last Wednesday.....Here is pic from last Friday:

And I finished it this morning!  Yahoo!!!  There is my Hat Trick (Okay, maybe not a complete hat trick as I did not knit all of Shyla's sweater, only the sleeves, but I am still counting this a victory)!

Now, Darlene really likes the Yellow color and there are like 3 1/2 skeins left of this color, so I am gonna make her one too.....but before I do, I have a request from my sister.  Years ago I made her some pod holder/dish cloths....the Circle Cloth Pattern...she sent a text with the picture of them asking me if they are hard to make.....of course I told her I have several color requests...1 set blue/white, 1 set burnt orange/white, and 1 set color to yet be chosen.....LOL

While on the subject of my sister, her family got a new pontoon boat....I also happy for them....

Some other random things.....I go my new gate up

I ordered some amazing organic carrots from Amazon fresh that were 4 feet long with the stems

I also got sweet potatoes and made my own chips (these are the white sweet potatoes)

Antonio has been going to golf

His great grandma on my late husbands side gave him a Star Wars watch that was completely after buying a set of screwdrivers to open it, and then new batteries once I figured out what size was needed.....I fixed it.

My sister gave me a harness for Jax for his walks and he loves it....

I have officially lost 25 lbs!

And that is all I have....Have a great week (what is left of it) everyone!  I hope y'all have an fabulous Memorial Day too!


Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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