Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Turkey Week!

Hey everyone!  How are you?  I am sorry I am late a day with my blog post, but I figure we all have a busy week this week.  Just 2 more days till Thanksgiving so let me say

I really have not done a lot of knitting or crocheting lately.....I know...that is sad....so let me share other crazy things in my life......

First, my baby Jackson....aka, Jax...snuggling in my bed:

Then.....Jax's friends are in trouble...I came home Monday to this disaster (they had this yarn inside and outside....via doggie door)

So half way wound up
 Now totally wound up

And here is Antonio being the dog whisperer in my home with Kayta and Jax

Celeste is 11......she turned 11 last Friday.  Here she is with my parents after her Volleyball game last Wednesday.

Jaime and I went to a friend's home over the weekend to shoot guns....it was fun

From Left to Right:

Bobby, Sally, Jill, Andy, John, Lauren, Jaime

From Left to Right

Nick, Jaime, yours truly aka me, Andy

Left to Right:

Sally, Nick, Andy, Bobby and Star in the gator:

Then, my traditional Christmas gift came in from Darlene...this may only be the 3rd year, but it is how traditions start and she knows how much I love this advent calendar!  Thank you Darlene!

As for Knitting...I did finish the socks for Thanksgiving...not my greatest picture but my yarn room is a bit of a disaster lately and I could not immediately find my sock blockers.

Darlene is in a hat mood....so what does that mean?  That means I am in a hat mood.....

The first pattern is called Arrows Abound

The second pattern is called Myra

Well.....that is really all I have....Have a great week and Thanksgiving!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!


  1. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I'm hibercrafting (hibernating at home while crafting) now until about towards the end of March. That's when it'll be time again for Spring Knitting Retreat that husband and I plan to attend. Happy Knitting, ~Sher

    1. So great to see you comment here Sher....I love the hibercrafting! How amazing to go to a retreat with your hubby! Fun!!!!