Monday, September 23, 2019

Jackson having friend over

Hey everyone...How are you?  I am doing great....I got the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and I love it! 

Jackson's friend, Kayda (I have no clue if I am spelling that right), came over...and they played.

Jax let me take a picture of him with my new phone

My longhorns beat OSU and my sister, nephew and brother in law were at the game!

My parents are off to Costa Rica.....I hope they are having a great time!  My aunt has already posted some pics on FB I will share with you!

I got a new AMAZING bag from Darlene.....Christmas Gnomes!  I LOVE IT!!!!

The only thing I worked on all week is my Torbellino Sweater....and yesterday I realized that I was missing 37 rows on my spreadsheet so just when I thought I was caught up, I am behind again!

And I am still exercising.....proud of me?  I am! 

That is all I have......Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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