Monday, August 12, 2019

Motivation Movement!!!

Hey everyone!  How have ya'll been?  I've been good!  Last week I told you I was starting to diet and exercise.....and I have the great group of gals motivating me to keep moving!  So I am gonna post some motivation for ya'll......for whatever......this motivation is to get you moving towards your goals!

Here is some of my healthy eating:

and one work out pic

I got some new yarn from Turkey to make a stuffed Cat (Pattern here)

Antonio had my ipad during the week and snapped a picture of him with his mom and then one of Paige and Kody (her bf) is tied to my cloud account and I love the pictures.....I have to share! for knitting.....I finished the Grinch socks....and worked on my Weekender (still just on the first sleeve).

Then, being the crazy person yall know and love....I started a new sweater KAL.  MediaPeruana is having a sweater KAL and I am making Torbellino.....I swatched, and started

I had an engagement party to go to this past weekend and saw lots of my family!

Sam (bartender), Uncle George, Zack (the groom to be).

Sister Janice, Madison (bride to be), my daddy, Aunt Eileen (Married to Uncle George).

Zack, Mommy, cousin Joshua, Aunt Chris, Blaine (cousin Joshua's wife who is expecting), Karly (in Blaine's lap and Alisa's daughter), cousin Alisa.

  Madison and Goofy Zack

 Madison and serious Zack

Thomas (Zack's son), Nathan (Alisa's son), Antonio (my handsome grandson).

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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