Monday, August 5, 2019

Happy August!

Hey guys, can you believe it is already August?  I can't.....Paige is gonna be 24 in like 26 days.....that is my baby! she is a year ago doing free hair cuts for back to school with Tre and Joe:

I have not really been knitting as much as I would like to......but I have been exercising and dieting......WHHHHAAAATTTT???  You heard me, exercise and diet......I need to get out of my funk and I hope this helps.  I got some new SportFree headphones (I still love my Bose Quiet 30 better), got a diet plan and exercise plan and have been getting to it!  I have already lost 3 lbs!

Before my diet started (Aug 1) I had a great dinner at my parent's house because my amazing Aunt Patti was in town....she is the one that went to the Olympics for Synchronized Swimming with her twin sister the first year Synchronized Swimming was a show in the Olympics (not yet a sport).

Antonio had Trevor over (Tre's son....and Trevor calls me grandma and I love it)....they made a fort...excuse the mess!

I promised my sister a sweater like Paige's and Graces.....and she bought the another sweater on the horizon!

I got my Weekender to the sleeves....and it looks pretty good even sleeveless....I think I am gonna make another one of these....the picture in the mirror is the better one to show the right color.

And I worked on those socks I need to make for Karl....a little boy who joins us at Thanksgiving dinner every year because his dad works with my aunt (and we have it at my aunt's house).....I will be going to my aunt's house this coming Saturday, so I figure if I can finish the socks, I can give them to her to give to Karl.

That is all I worked on this week.......Antonio went with me to my parents and my mom made him French toast (dont worry....I did not eat any).

Jax chewed my glasses.

Then Jax and Purl think I change the sheets just for them....not for me.....LOL!  Thank goodness the Prince and the Queen are happy!

Well, that is all I have.......I love this ad....

From the Atlanta Humane Society.....great job!

Have a great week!!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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