Monday, May 13, 2019

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  I hope all you mother's out there had an amazing day doing the things you love!

We went to my Mom's last night and my dad cooked us AMAZING Chinese food!  This is Char Sui....and we had Char Sui Bao too.  Funny story.....when Paige came to my house around 1 pm to pick up Antonio (he had stayed the night Saturday), she asked "What are we having at  dinner tonight?" and I told her I did not know...but it would be delicious no matter what.  She said, "Can you tell Opa I really want some Baozi (Bao)!"  I told her I could tell him for the next family gathering....but not for today since he needs a little more than a few hours warning....

Well guess dad read her mind because we had the most amazing Chinese food last night!

While Paige was on the way to my parent's house I sent her this picture and said Char Sui....and she said, "There are no words for how much I love that man"  LOL!!!!!

My sister got me, Paige and our mom some beautiful Barberton Daisies.....which is fitting since Paige is a Barber....LOL! They are so BEAUTIFUL!

Paige took a picture of me and her and snapped it!

Earlier in the week I did a sleep was interesting.....I strapped on a small box with only a couple of cords coming out of it and went to sleep with it on.....I should get my results in a couple of weeks.....I am anxious to see what it says.

I have been a bit depressed lately and cannot seem to shake it.....and one day this past week I did not feel like knitting, or crocheting or anything I cooked.....I made 2 different meals and some deviled eggs.

on days I did feel like knitting or crocheting, I had no clue what I wanted to knit or crochet I worked on multiple things.

My virus shawl

A blanket for my cousin's grandbaby

More Mitts to support my friend Anja

A little more on the blanket for my cousin's grandbaby

My moondrip swoncho

and an ATM hat for Tim!

This week, Darlene and I are going to start the Phoenix CAL...she is giving me a skein of Wolltraum in Burning love colorway

© Hooked on Sunshine

That is all on the knitting and crocheting front.......Paige's coffee make broke (she thought) so I had another sent to her

Then she realized it was just a breaker in her house had she was going to send it back, but I told her to use the new one and we will keep the old one as a back up.

We went to Antonio's soccer game and he did great.....

Paige brought her dog, Jax....she said he has been acting up I told her to let me take him home.....she did.  She brought me his food on I am going to keep him for a few days/weeks/months.....we will see.  He can roam my house freely and does not have to be kenneled (because I have a doggie door and he can fit thru it).

I have really loved having him and it has only been 2 days.

Lastly, I saw this on a FB Knitting group.....too cute not to share!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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