Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Hi Everyone....How was your week?  Did you have a great Memorial Day?  Thank you to all service men and women and families who sacrifice for our great country!

This past Thursday was my mommy's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Mommy (I have pics of my dad to insert as well of them at a party recently)...Happy Birthday Mommy!

Antonio had a game this past Saturday....He did so good!

And I worked on a hat for Tim

Tim wants and ATM hat......and I would only make an ATM hat for family (me being the die hard Longhorn fan!)......and Tim is family (Darlene's son in law).  Now, I was not sure if I should do colorwork....or duplicate stitch.  I ran out of maroon yarn on the colorwork one and not sure if I want to go forward with the duplicate stitch....but we will see....I need to order more yarn.  Any suggestions and/or recommendations are welcome

Speaking of ATM....I got two new cups from Darlene's son, Casey....he got me a maroon ATM one sine he loves me so much and knows what a Longhorn I am.....the maroon is my new FAVORITE cup!  THANK YOU CASEY! 

Jaime is buying a new RV this week....and he has a few things he wants to do with it...then we want to go on a trip with it....I cannot wait.  Here is a picture of a knitting chair in my future!

Last week I told you that Darlene and I are crocheting the Phoenix Blanket.....well, new videos for the pattern came out and we both ripped back and started over:

Also.....I think I told you I ordered yarn to make Atlanticus to match my rug.....well it came in.....I LOVE IT!  It is HUGE!

My friend, Tenia, had a color street nail party.....so I got some french manicure ones...they are buy one get one free....hint, hint  Link Here.  I really like them!

I also worked on the baby boy blanket....shower in less than 2 weeks I think....I am on my 2nd skein.

I got a new bag from Darlene and I LOVE IT!  It is the XL bag and every knitter/crocheter/crafter needs one this size

I got to divide for sleeves on my moondrip and Love the Bag!  Now for the boring knitting for 13-15 inches.

I made some apple turnovers from a recipe from Darlene's family......I have not tried them yet....but I hope to today.

And I had Jax and Antonio most of this past weekend.....I love this little boy!

Lastly....I worked on the wrist warmers for Support Anja Kal.  I need to have these finished by Friday!

Well, that is all I have.....Have a great week everyone!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

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